Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 159

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Chapter 159


With this sentence, the heart of Haibai and all the Bai family members completely blow up, and everyone’s face flashed with deep ecstasy and excitement.

Mr. Bai will be finally saved.

The genius doctor Lin is a real genius doctor, who has capability of bringing back dying persons to life. Since he is agreed, they can be completely relieved now.

Thinking of this, Haibai quickly asked:

“I don’t know when the great doctor Lin will come to the hospital, everyone in our Bai family will definitely welcome him warmly!”

The rest of the Bai family members, one by one, looked at the senior man.

They can’t wait to see the genius doctor Lin.


Elder Gao was confused, then looked at Shaun. After seeing Shaun quietly making a gesture, he couldn’t help but froze, then the corners of his mouth twitched, then he said:

“Mr. Lin said, tomorrow morning, Mr. Bai will be cured!”


This sentence made Haibai and everyone else stunned.

Tomorrow morning?

Must heal?

This…what kind of answer is this!

Haibai and others were all puzzled, but they knew that this genius doctor Lin had a strange personality, and no one dared to ask any more questions at the moment.

“Okay, please tell the genius Doctor Lin, everyone in my Bai family is inexplicably grateful to him. If there is a need, we will definitely fulfill it!”

Haibai took all the members of the White family and bowed to the old man.

Until then, he said to Shaun angrily:

“Shaun, wait, you almost killed my son Harper, severed his hand and broke his leg, one day I will take revenge!”

That’s it!

Haibai glanced at Shaun bitterly, and then took his son Harper on his back, led all the Bai family members, and left.

Just looking at their backs.

The corners of Gao’s mouth could not help but twitched slightly.

He wanted to know if these people knew that Shaun was Lin’s genius doctor.

Thinking of this, the old man shook his head, and then took Li Mingyi and others.

Now there is no one left, just Baishan and his family.

Then Elvira, Bai Shan and Paula reacted.

They stared at the packs of cash and looked at the document, still feeling like they were dreaming.


A bigger doubt came to their minds.

“Dad, do you say that the genius doctor Lin is reliable? He didn’t say when to treat Grandpa. Since there is no certainty, how can Grandpa recover early in the morning?” Elvira looked at Baishan with confusion.

Baishan also smiled bitterly:

“I don’t know, but he is an expert!”

“That’s right! Lin’s medical skills are superb, and he is definitely a genius in the world. How can such a person deceive?” Paula also said with a face full of worship.

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