Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 188

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Chapter 188

“I guessed it, you had a crush on me before?”

Grace said, “Master of war, you secretly send autumn waves to the girls on the TV every day. People who secretly love you can circle the earth hand in hand. I couldn’t resist your beauty before, and it’s normal to like you! “

Jacob tortured for a long time, and her answer was not leaking. He let go of her shoulders in frustration. Staggered back to his sofa.


“You go!”

Grace didn’t know that her nerves were twitching, and what he said tonight was so inexplicable. She was afraid that he would embarrass her again, so she poured water and ran away.

But as soon as she ran up the stairs, she saw Jacob collapse on the sofa.

“Master Zhan, what’s the matter with you?” She really couldn’t let him down, so she had to turn back.

Touched Jacob’s forehead and found that he had a fever.

Grace turned on the light and looked for a thermometer for him. When taking his temperature, she wanted him to open his mouth, but accidentally discovered that some red spots appeared on the inner wall of Jacob’s mouth.

Grace, who was panicked, quickly rolled up her sleeves. As expected, some red rashes began to appear on his arms.

Grace felt uncomfortable, and pushed Jacob, “Master Zhan, you wake up, you have a fever and a rash, do you want to go to the hospital?”

Jacob frowned and did not respond to her.

Grace took his arm, carefully observed the red rashes, pressed the button, and said, “It seems to be allergic.”

Grace called 120, and soon an ambulance came to carry Jacob away.

Grace had to take care of the children again, and worried that Jacob would suffer from lack of skills, so she had to call Janice.

Janice heard that there was something wrong with her brother, and hurried over.

Grace was surprised to see Janice, “Why don’t you go to the hospital?”

Janice said, “Sister-in-law, I’ll take care of my little ancestors, and sister-in-law, go to the hospital to take care of my brother.”

Grace was shocked. Janice likes her nephews and nieces, and she wouldn’t make such a cold choice when her brother is sick, right?

Seeing Grace staring at her in shock, Janice smiled embarrassedly, and told the truth, “Sister-in-law, I won’t hide it from you. My brother is allergic to alcohol, and he will have convulsions out of control when he wakes up. See People scold and throw things when they see it. I dare not go.”

Grace was dumb.

So Janice wanted to push her into the fire pit?

“Sister-in-law, only you can control my brother. Sister-in-law, do your best, and you will take care of my brother. I will take care of these three bear children?”

Grace asked in surprise, “When did your brother become so unreasonable?”

Janice wanted to blurt out, “It was after Irene died…” But she swallowed it when she reached her lips.

Irene is the elder brother’s past, and Janice can’t let her sister-in-law know that brother loves someone so deeply in his heart. She also hopes that her elder brother and sister-in-law will get back together and the family will be reunited.

“Sister-in-law, my brother didn’t drink alcohol before. In recent years, it may have been difficult to do business. My eldest brother has been socializing more and more. The more times he drank, he found that his wine was getting worse… “Janice made up her mind.

I hope the kind-hearted sister-in-law can pity my eldest brother!

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