Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 189

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Chapter 189

Under Janice’s flickering, Grace gave up her insistence and hurried to the hospital.

The doctor drew blood for Jacob. Fortunately, the indicators were optimistic, so he was placed in a general ward. When Grace entered, she saw Jacob’s face gloomy, exuding an unpleasant atmosphere.

The clinic next to him is a young female patient who has been looking at Jacob idiotically.

As soon as Grace entered, Jacob was furious, and asked her: “Who asked you to book me a general ward?”

Grace thought that he was a patient, and Janice did a lot of ideological construction for her in advance. For example, when his company was in trouble, he was forced to socialize, his wine was poor…and so on, Grace had a heartfelt understanding of Jacob, and comforted him with a good temper, “It’s not that I’m going to book you a general ward, it’s the doctor’s decision based on your condition.”

“Immediately go through the discharge procedures for me.” Jacob ordered in an angry tone.

Grace glanced at the dense red rash that emerged on the back of his hand, and kindly calmed him down, “Warlord, you can bear it again. When the doctor says you can be discharged, I will go through the discharge procedures for you immediately.”

Jacob was furious, staring at Grace and sneered, “Who are you to me? Why are you making trouble with me?”

Grace grumbled very aggrievedly, “I don’t want to be angry with you either. But your sister would rather take care of the bear child at home than come to the hospital to take care of you. I used to think she was cold, but now it seems she You’re right, you’re just a bad drink, and you curse after you sober up… she was so scared that she didn’t dare to see you!”

Jue Zhan Han’s face was pale, “That’s what Immortal Janice said about me?”

Grace nodded.

Jacob grabbed the atomizer on the bedside table…Suddenly, he remembered Janice saying that his wine was poor, and then let it go in annoyance. Roared at Grace, “Go tell the doctor, I want to live in a single ward.”

Grace was speechless, “Warlord, the hospital is not a hotel. You can choose VIP and single rooms, double rooms. Coming here is a life-saving, not a blessing…”

Jacob looked at Grace who was eloquent, “Who asked you to send me to this hospital? Why not Media Asia?”

Grace said, “Saving life is like fighting fire, how can you give up close and seek further.”

“Grace, you also know that it is life-saving. The doctor’s skills and the level of the hospital are very important, do you know?”

“Master Zhan, you are just a small alcohol allergy, and you have been overkill at Huan Asia Pacific.” In fact, when she called 120, she didn’t calmly analyze which is better and worse, but was anxious, so she dialed 120… .

After Jacob called her now, she felt that her choice just now was a bit unwise. She should really call Media Asia Hospital…After all, Media Asia Medical is at the top international level, and the focus is on his site.

But seeing Jacob’s vigorous appearance, Grace felt that there was indeed no need to go to Media Asia.

Jacob looked at Grace angrily, he was about to be discharged from the hospital, she did not allow him. He wants to transfer to a single ward, she doesn’t allow it. He is now a patient and has no strength to fight back, otherwise he really wants to throw her into the sea and feed the sharks.

“Brother, you can attack, accept, sweet, salt, cute and handsome!” The girl next to him covered her mouth and confessed to Jacob.

Jacob looked at Grace’s eyes even more coldly.

“I’ll transfer you to the ward right away.” Grace slipped fast this time.

Jacob was missed by other women, which was the scene he was least willing to face.

Before long, the doctor came over and transferred Jacob to the ordinary single ward.

Jacob looked at the white walls on all sides, as simple and crude as an employee’s cubicle, he was unconscious.

“Why not the VIP ward?” He asked Grace with a dark face.

Since you want to change the ward, why not change to the one you like? Jacob really wanted to open Grace’s brain to see if he had a brain circuit.

Grace said with a painful expression, “Warlord, I have no money!” This single ward, and hospitalization fees, have spent all her savings.

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