Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 190

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Chapter 190

“After all, it is poor.” Jacob sneered.

Grace didn’t want to fight with him, so she hid aside to peel the apple for him, cut the apple into one petal, and then heated the back end in front of Jacob with boiling water.

Jacob looked at the steaming apple, with a touch of invisible surprise in his eyes.

Does Irene have the habit of hot fruit?

Grace put the fruit dish on the chest of drawers next to him, turned and walked away, and stood still far away from him.

She always remembered to keep a certain distance from him, so as not to let him dislike her.

Jacob looked at Grace, who was so well-behaved and distressed, and his heart was in confusion.

She remembered the words he hurt her so clearly and obeyed so well.

If it was before, he would be pleased with her obedient feeling. But today, for some unknown reason, seeing her so alienated from him, a sour feeling surged in his heart.

Jacob fell on the pillow, and he was fighting against himself.

He told himself that she was not a clank, do not have a subtle emotional dependence on her, that is a very absurd emotional transfer.

But Irene’s stubbornness, Irene’s talent, Irene looked at his eyes full of worries, and Irene’s tears of despair…Every picture is perfect with Grace’s smile. Overlap.

“Feed me!” Jacob suddenly ordered with a bad temper.

Grace was dumbfounded.

Did she hear me right?

Doesn’t this guy hate her approaching him?

Could this guy be hungry?

Grace walked over slowly, picked up the apple, crossed a petal of warm apple and handed it to his mouth.

“Are you hungry?” Grace asked. “Would you like me to serve you a meal?”

He did not speak, just opened a pair of brilliant eyes and stared at her.

Her features are very delicate, her eyes are shining like obsidian, and the charm in her eyebrows is gentle, but it contains confidence and pride. She is wearing black high-waisted trousers with a bow tie, and a lace red shirt on her upper body. Her makeup makes her look very bright, like poppies, poisonous and indescribable. But with the purity of lilies.

Her temperament is so pure and complicated.

Seven years ago, Grace had bright eyes and a lack of focus, and her whole body was depressed… and she was wearing fancy clothes…

He really couldn’t connect Grace with the humble peasant girl seven years ago.

He is more willing to believe that the person by his side at this moment is Irene.

They are the same brilliant, the same talented, and their pride is so similar.

“Yeah.” He nodded suddenly. The hostility in the eyebrows disappeared, replaced by a touch of gentleness.

Grace looked at the volatile Jacob, and thought it was the illness that had confiscated his temper. Looking at him sympathetically, he said, “You wait, I’ll get you a meal.”

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