Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 191

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Chapter 191

“More spicy.” Jacob deliberately exhorted.

Grace stared at him blankly. In the last two days, this guy has been adding meals, drinking, and spice, completely breaking his previous eating habits that abide by the rules. He is purely willing to treat his stomach problems. ?

Grace did not refute him, but she deliberately bought light rice porridge when she went to buy a meal.

Jacob looked at the dull white rice porridge, and looked at Grace with faint eyes.

“It’s not that you are so poor that you can only buy rice porridge, right?” Jacob teased her.

Grace hurriedly explained, “There are too many patients, and there is only rice porridge left for breakfast today. You will just eat it.”

This hospital is very close to Media Asia Hospital. Patients nearby will choose the best resources to go to Media Asia Hospital with more complete resources. Therefore, the business of this hospital is very sluggish, and the number of inpatients is sparse. The three meals provided by the hospital are basically it can’t be sold out.

Jacob is a businessman who knows well about the hospitals that compete with Media Asia.

Grace was lying.

As for the reason she lied, Jacob wanted to know but was afraid to know.

Unexpectedly, Jacob did not refute her, but obediently took over the bowl and spoon, and drank the porridge gracefully.

Grace was afraid that her staying for a long time would arouse him great disgust, so she took the initiative to find an excuse to leave, “Warlord, your fever has gone, and your spirit has recovered. Can you take care of yourself? Then I will leave. Up?”

Jacob’s action of drinking porridge stopped slightly, nodded, and said, “Hmm.”

Grace opened the door and left.

But stayed outside the door for a long time before leaving.

Jacob watched her walk away, his eyes became deeper.

Grace, who are you?

Maybe, he should follow the source.

Jacob took out his cell phone and called Guan Xiao, and ordered, “Guan Xiao, make arrangements for me. I want to visit Luo family.”

Guan Xiao responded readily, “Okay.”

In the afternoon, Jacob summoned Guan Xiao to the hospital and went through the discharge procedures for him.

And the first thing he did after leaving the hospital was to go to Luo’s house.

Mr. Luo paid special attention to the arrival of Young Master Zhan, and stood at the door early to welcome Young Master Zhan.

And his wife and daughter, dressed very grandly, and Grandpa Luo greeted Jacob.

When Jacob’s Rolls-Royce appeared at the door of Luo’s house, Luo Shiyu saw the handsome man in the driver’s seat and immediately told her parents with excitement.

“Dad, Mom, Shao Zhan is here.”

After Rolls-Royce stopped, Guan Xiao got out of the car and opened the door for Jacob. Jacob walked out wearing a tailored Italian suit, and the surrounding scenery was immediately overwhelmed by his grace.

He is the kind of person who is born with a king aura.

The Luo family originally used the opportunity of Jacob to come to the door with little calculations to flatter him, and say some nice words to let him lift the economic sanctions against Grace.

Who knew that after seeing Jacob, he was so frightened that he did not dare to speak?

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