Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 192

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Chapter 192

“Young Master Zhan, please inside.” Master Luo greeted the distinguished guests politely.

As if entering his own door, Jacob walked into Luo’s living room calmly.

Guan Xiao brought him a chair and wiped it with a tissue several times before Jacob sat down.

“I don’t know why Young Master Zhan came here?” Master Luo asked cautiously.

“Master Luo, answer my question honestly if you don’t want Luo’s bankruptcy. If the answer is satisfactory to me, I can consider letting Luo’s live.” Jacob said quietly.

Master Luo was immediately flattered and said, “What Shao Zhan wants to ask, I must know that there is no limit to words.”

“I want to know all the information about Grace from birth to the present. You tell me everything you know.” Jacob especially emphasized the word “all”.

Master Luo was a little surprised, “All the information of Grace?”

There was a glorious light in Luo Shiyu’s pupils, and Shao Zhan was actually investigating Grace secretly. It seemed that Grace’s good days were coming to an end.

Seeing that Master Luo couldn’t react, Guan Xiao further explained what Zhan Shao said.

“Master Luo, Grace is your daughter. You should always understand her character and her preferences? Anyway, it doesn’t matter how big or small, you can tell what you know?”

Although Master Luo was very surprised that Shao Zhan visited him for this purpose, he was still very cooperative, and sent all the information he knew to Jacob.

“It’s true that Zhan Shao, Grace is my eldest daughter. However, her mother and I separated soon after we got married. When I came to the city to start a business, their mother and daughter stayed in the countryside. I got mixed up a few years ago. Poor, and there is no extra money to send back. Their mother and daughter’s lives are very difficult.”

When Master Luo said this, there was a rare guilt in his eyes, and he said:

“I never thought that being poor would completely destroy Grace’s child. Because of being poor, she grew up with low self-esteem, did not like to communicate with others, and her personality was dull and gloomy. Moreover, she did not like to learn. The subjects are the last in the class.”

“I once persuaded her to work hard and study hard, but she took my words as a breeze and spent the money I gave her to buy school equipment on some vulgar clothes.”

“I’m really disappointed in her more and more, and I simply let her go. When she was fifteen, she came to the city to join me. I thought this was a great opportunity for our father and daughter to improve their relationship. Who would have thought that she should Learned to steal and sold my sister’s jewelry—hey!”

Speaking of this, Master Luo couldn’t help sighing.

“I’m desperate for her.”

Jacob frowned. Why is the Grace in Master Luo’s mouth so different from the Grace he knows?

The Grace he knew could get rich through divorce, but she didn’t take away the Zhan Family’s money.

How could she steal money from someone who treats money as dung?

“What is her specialty?” Jacob asked again.

Master Luo shook his head, “When Grace was in high school, because of her poor grades, I used to expect her to pass special points to get her admitted to a university that was recruited. But she was not good at drawing and painting, she could not learn programming, singing Dancing is even less talented-hey!”

Speaking of this, Mrs. Luo was very angry.

“In order to train her one or two skills that can be used, my master spent a lot of money to hire a teacher for her. But that girl was stupid. She knows nothing.”

Jacob pondered for a long while, “Seven years ago, Grace appeared at the scene of Irene’s car accident. I want to know what Grace experienced at the scene of the car accident.”

With this mentioned, a strange expression appeared on Mrs. Luo’s face.

“This thing is really weird…”

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