Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 193

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Chapter 193

Jacob raised his eyes and stared at Mrs. Luo with bright eyes, “Where is the weird?”

Mrs. Luo seriously recalled the scene seven years ago, and the expression on her face became more and more uncomfortable.

“In that car accident, Irene and Grace ran into each other for some reason. The two were lying on the grass, Irene died in a miserable state. Ke Grace was protected by Irene in her arms, although there was no physical damage and separation like Irene. The horror of the fall, was also out of breath.”

“When we rushed to the scene of the car accident to pick up people, even the doctor said Grace was dead. Who knows, after we put her in the morgue for a day and night, she suddenly came back to life. We were so scared that we thought we were hell. That’s it!”

Master Luo took the words, “It’s really strange to say that after the car accident, Grace seemed to have changed herself. She no longer wanted the money from our Luo family, but moved out to live, and the relationship with us became It’s like a stranger.”

Jacob’s slender fingers gripped the handrail of the chair tightly, losing blood because of the force.

He looked calm as usual, but his heart was ups and downs at the moment, even his breathing was choking.

“After Grace discovered the car accident, what other abnormal performances were there?”

He suppressed his excited heart and asked as calmly as possible.

Master Luo looked embarrassed, “She has lived outside all these years and has barely interacted with us. I only know so much.”

At this time, Luo Shiyu, in order to please Jacob, scrutinized several encounters between himself and Grace:

“The big sister has changed a lot compared to before. She used to see me with her head down, but now she is arrogant.

Also, she has gone abroad for gilding for a few years now, her temperament has changed drastically, she is elegant and noble, where is the appearance of the old turtle? People have become more beautiful and spine, as if they were reborn. “

Jacob quietly listened to Luo Shiyu’s summary, and repeatedly played the surprising similarities between Grace and Irene in his mind.

Is this a coincidence?

Irene left, but turned Grace into a girl who was as amazing as hers?

When he came out of Luo’s house, Guan Xiao opened the car door for Jacob. Jacob seemed to be in a daze. He frowned and thought about something until he sat in the back seat.

Guan Xiao stepped on the accelerator, and when the car started, Jacob suddenly ordered, “Go back to Haitian Villa.”


On the way, Guan Xiao peeked at the president through the rearview mirror several times.

Seeing the president’s look confused and puzzled, Guan Xiao took the initiative to adjust the depressed atmosphere.

“President, the Luo family said that Grace seemed to have changed before and after the car accident. This reminds me of an interesting web article I read to dispel boredom some time ago… The president is interested in listening. ?”

Jacob raised his head. He tried to think about the so-called amazing changes in Grace’s body, but even if he was very wise, his wisdom could not think of a perfect answer.

Simply give up thinking and listen to Guan Xiao’s story.

“tell me the story.”

Guan Xiao said, “Write that a person’s soul was born out of the house…”

Jacob frowned and interrupted him, “What is seizure?”

The president never reads online articles, so he really doesn’t know anything about these popular online articles.

Guan Xiaoyang exasperated, “Taking home means that after a person dies, her soul enters other people’s shells and lives on behalf of other people’s ideologies.”

Jacob sneered, “Absurd!”

Guan Xiao breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that the president finally became a little angry.

Jacob’s “ridiculous” sound contained some duplicity.

If you just heard the Luo family telling that Grace was different before and after the car accident, her mood can be described as ups and downs.

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