Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 194

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Chapter 194

At this moment, when he heard Guan Xiao’s “theory of seizing the house, his heart could no longer control the hope and ecstasy radiating from his body.

Is it really?

Irene, are you really back?

When Guan Xiao parked the Rolls-Royce at the entrance of the villa’s parking lot, Jacob pushed open the door eagerly. Without even saying goodbye to Guan Xiao, he hurriedly walked towards the villa door.

Guan Xiao looked at the somewhat abnormal president and shook his head helplessly. Anything, as long as it is linked to Irene, the president will lose control.

Guan Xiao is used to it.

Jacob opened the door and entered, the huge room was quiet and serene.

Jacob closed the door with his backhand, leaned his back against the anti-theft door, and kicked his breath. After the agitated heart calmed slightly, he raised his foot and walked to the second floor.

Standing at the corner of the stairs, Jacob cast his eyes on Grace’s room. Slowly and solemnly, he stepped his long legs and approached Grace’s room step by step.

Standing at the door, gently raised his hand, and knocked on the door.

Grace opened the door and was stunned when she saw Jacob.

Isn’t this guy in the hospital? How would he appear here?

Instinctively stretched out his hand and probed the temperature on his forehead to make sure he did not continue to have a fever, and he sighed with relief.

“Master Zhan, why are you back?”

Jacob looked at Grace with faint eyes, inquiring, pitying, and various emotions intertwined in his eyes. “Thank you.” He said.

These two words contain too much emotion.

It’s a pity that she doesn’t understand.

Grace pursed her red lips, staring at Jacob in a daze, and smirked, “Master Zhan, are you taking the wrong medicine? You actually said thank you.”

In this guy’s dictionary, there are no such words.

Jacob smiled bitterly. If she was really his lingering, he owed her too much, a thank you would not be enough to express his regret.

“Grace, how much did you spend in the hospital today? I’ll pay you back.” A smirk suddenly appeared in his eyes.

Grace was embarrassed and scratched the back of her head. The hospitalization fee cost a total of two thousand yuan, which is a lot for small people like her, but for him, a big president worth hundreds of billions of dollars, it is really OK. can be ignored.

“Forget it, not much.” Grace said.

“How much?” He looked at her very seriously.

Grace raised two fingers.

Jacob stretched out his hand, “Give me the phone.”

Grace was stunned. What does he want her phone for?

But still handed over her mobile phone obediently.

Jacob opened her WeChat and added himself to her friends list.

Grace looked dumbfounded at his domineering operation.

Why did he enter her friends column so domineeringly? With him, would she still dare to talk about her friends in the future?

After Jacob became her friend, he immediately transferred her 200,000 yuan in, and accepted the huge sum of money on her behalf.

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