Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 195

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Chapter 195

Grace protested, “Zhan Ye, you spent only two thousand yuan in the hospital today, what do you give me two hundred thousand yuan?”

Grace had to return the money to him after grabbing the phone, but Jacob’s big hand suddenly held her hand…

The big hand covered the small hand, and the touch of the skin caused Grace to pull away nervously. The root of the ear immediately turned red.

Jacob looked at Grace who was shy, with a slight smile in her eyes.

“Living expenses,” he explained.

Grace’s eyes widened, “Is it for a year? This is too much, right?”

Jacob corrected her, “One month!”

Grace: “…”

“Is this to eat abalone (fish) and bear paws every day? Lord Zhan, you are not afraid of indigestion, but the children are also afraid of eating and accumulating food.” Grace looked at Jacob with a worried expression.

Jacob has a headache. He is decompressing her life in a disguised form, can’t she tell? This little girl’s brain circuit really needs to be sculpted.

“Whatever you want.” He turned and left.

Grace started to worry about how to spend this 200,000 monthly living expenses?

In the afternoon, Jacob stood downstairs and called her, “Grace!” His tone was a little impatient!

Grace, who was busy programming, rushed out, her black slightly curly hair tied with a pink hair loop, looking very soft and cute.

“Master Zhan!” She lay on the delicate wooden railing, poked her head out and looked at Jue Zhan Han.

Jacob’s gaze fell on her pink hair ring and smiled slightly, “It’s time to pick up the baby.”

Grace smiled at him and begged, “Zhan Ye, I haven’t finished my work today, can you pick up the child?”

“No!” Jacob refused decisively, “Faith is your daughter, and I have no obligation to pick her up.”

Grace had to go downstairs quickly, and Jacob stood outside the door waiting for her.

“A big man, really stingy.” Grace kicked the colorful pebbles on the ground to massage the road. Muttered angrily along the way.

Jacob ignored her, he just wanted to take a walk with her, and wanted to dig out more of her characteristics.

Her childish behavior made him grin.

When he came to the kindergarten, Grace was a little embarrassed. Hidden evasively behind Jacob, it seemed that she didn’t want to see the teachers in the kindergarten.

Jacob looked at her suspiciously, “Are you afraid of the teacher?”

“Where is it?” Grace was extremely guilty.

Yesterday, Derek and Jason, two bear children, got into trouble at the school, which made the teacher unhappy. Students like Grace who have been good babies in the eyes of the teacher since childhood, naturally feel extremely sorry for the teacher.

“Isn’t it because you were a sc*mbag since you was a child, and you have developed the habit of being afraid of teachers?” Jacob looked at her meaningfully.

Grace blurted out, “I’m not a sc*mbag!”

“What’s that?” Jacob said aggressively. A look of expectation appeared on the handsome face.

Grace looked at him, suddenly remembering that he was a scmbag now, Grace immediately said, “Yes, I am a scmbag, so what? Do you think I lived well? I was scolded by the teacher since I was a child. , The heart is strong, and the face is thicker than the city walls, so under the pressure of you capitalists, you can live alive and well.”

Jacob’s face twitched slightly.

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