Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 196

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Chapter 196

The two came to the kindergarten, but the teacher asked the other parents to take their children away first. Jacob and Grace could only stand by and wait.

Jacob has to accept the attention of the parents of those students. His face was ugly, and his face stuck there.

Grace was even more guilty.

Jacob has been a proud son of the emperor who was waited for by others since he was a child. Waiting for this one today, I am afraid that the volcano will erupt later, right?

“Master Zhan, or you go back first, I will stay and wait…” Grace suggested with a guilty conscience.

Yesterday, the two bear children made a mistake, and she has disciplined the children, but today, it seems that her discipline method has had little effect.

The head teacher suddenly interrupted, “Jas Dad, please stay, I want to discuss with you some questions about children’s education.”

Jacob nodded.

Grace’s head dropped lower.

After the teacher sent away other parents and students, Jacob and Grace were invited to the office.

Jas, Derek and Faith had been waiting in the office long ago. Seeing Daddy and Mommy, Faith burst into tears.

“What the hell is going on?” Jacob’s low voice carried the majesty of a high-ranking person.

The head teacher’s tone immediately became a little respectful, “Dad Jas, it’s like this. Yesterday, Derek fought and Zhansu insulted the teacher. I have already told Mommy the details. I wonder if Jas’s mom told you the truth.

The two children arrived at school today, and their emotions were very abnormal. Derek cried the classmates yesterday, and Jason cried the teacher for criticism. I think the situation is a bit serious, so I will report to you. “

Jacob squinted at Grace, “How do you teach your children?”

Grace looked at Jacob in horror, “Master Zhan, I really disciplined them very carefully…”

Nima, why did the child make a mistake? he felt that he was punished by her?

She is also a guardian, why should he be pressured?

Grace straightened her back and said confidently, “Derek fought, and I also beat him severely. Jas… Jas is right.”

Jacob said unbelievably, “Grace, using her own way to treat his body is a strategic way, not a way of educating people.”

The class teacher bluntly criticized Grace: “Jas Mommy, it is wrong to use violence to control violence. If you hit your child often, the child will follow the same pattern and often hit other children. Also, Jas is clearly wrong. Why are you shielding him?”

Jacob looked at Grace in confusion, “Why do you want to shield Jas? If you shield him unprincipled because of the psychological problem of Jas, that will only harm him. Having a healthy mind is better than having health. Your physique is more important, don’t you know?”

Grace asked him, “Master Zhan, have you heard the story of the Three Little Pigs?”

Jacob nodded?

“The boss is lazy, the old (second) is cunning, and the third is hardworking, then which pig do you want to be?” Grace just finished asking, Jason and Derek chuckles.

Jacob’s face was dark, “Grace…”

Grace hurriedly laughed, “This is the question the teacher asked Jas yesterday. Jas said that the person who answered this question was mentally handicapped. Jas was right. Although it caused the butterfly effect, the children in the class imitated Jas as a pig. I think this consequence is not all a question of silence, right?”

Grace said vaguely, “Should the teacher not be able to express clearly should not be responsible for it?”

Jacob looked at Grace who was unrepentant, feeling depressed:

“People are not sages who can do nothing. The teacher’s statement is wrong, but Suo Su’s response to the teacher’s mistakes caused a very bad butterfly effect. You did not let him take his responsibility, but you misled him It’s not right to think that you are right.”

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