Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 161

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Chapter 161

When twenty minutes later.

Grandpa Bai snorted and opened his eyes from a dazed state.

“It was like a dream…”

Mr. Bai was in a daze, as if he had a dream about life and death.

He dreamed that he was struggling on the edge of death. He wanted to speak but couldn’t speak. He wanted to scream, but there was no sound.

He even dreamed that he was surrounded by a group of western doctors, shaking his head and sighing.

He also dreamed that he seemed to be slapped severely by the little beast of Shaun.

“He just dreamed that Shaun was here?”

Mr. Bai frowned tightly.

He looked at the room, but was stunned to find that it turned out to be a hospital ward.

This is more than that.

An icy voice came from the window:

“The prescription has been written and placed on the table!”

“Starting today, three pills a day, in three days it will heal!”


This sentence shocked Mr. Bai, because there was an indescribable pressure and magic in that voice.

He quickly turned his head and looked around, only to discover that there was a dim figure by the window.

This voice!

This figure!

Familiar and strange.

Mr. Bai is not believing!


After the figure left this sentence, the whole person was like a ghost, suddenly disappeared, but he jumped out of the ward by the window.

“No… impossible!”

Mr. Bai got stunned, he could see that this ward was the advanced nursing ward of the First People’s Hospital.

Located on the top 24th floor!

A person jumps down from the window, is this not suicide?

Especially that person, the voice and body image are extremely… Shaun?

“No! I must be dazzled, how could someone jump from the 24th floor!”

“Moreover, Shaun is just a trash, how could he be here!”

Mrs. Bai shook his head vigorously, and threw this absurd thought out of his mind.

early morning!

At the First People’s Hospital of Jiang City, luxury cars stopped in the parking lot, and then Haibai and others got out of the cars.

Haibai’s face was still bruised, but now, he hadn’t cared about the injuries on his body for a long time. The only thing he cared about was the life and death his father.

Only healthy Mr. Bai is hope of inheriting the Bai family’s wealth.

“Uncle, do you say that the genius doctor Lin is reliable? He didn’t say when he would come to treat the illness, but said that Mr. Bai would be cured in the morning. Isn’t that a joke?”

On the side, a senior Bai family frowned at Haibai and asked.

Not only him!

All the rest of the Bai family’s high-levels are also full of doubts.

“Yes! The more I think about it, the more I feel that the genius doctor Lin is unreliable.

“Yes, I’m afraid we were deceived by him! What must be cured in the morning? He’s a liar!”

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