Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 162

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Chapter 162

Many senior Bai family members frowned, their voices filled with dissatisfaction.

After all, the treatment time was not determined yesterday, so the genius doctor Lin vowed to say that Mr. Bai would get better early this morning, which is like a joke.

Hearing this, Haibai’s complexion became more and more gloomy.

He didn’t sleep all night because he was worried that Mr. Bai would be really helpless. If so, their family would be completely ruined.

“Don’t say anything, we will know if what the genius doctor Lin said is true or not!”

Although Haibai said this, he was still playing drums in his heart.

Soon, the group came to the advanced ward area on the 24th floor.

From a distance, they saw that several bodyguards were still guarding the door conscientiously.

“How is Mr. Bai now? Has anyone been here last night? Or is there anything unusual?”

Haibai immediately asked a bodyguard.

Hearing this!

The bodyguard was stunned for a moment.

“Master, Mr. Bai is still in the same condition! No one was here last night, let alone anything unusual!”


This sentence completely trapped the hearts of Haibai and others.


The words of the genius doctor Lin were not reliable at all.

In an instant, Haibai and all the high-level members almost dripped with gloomy expressions.

“That guy is really a liar, no, we are going to find the senior man, let him question that doctor Lin!”

“That’s right! That Doctor Lin, yesterday let Master Harper slap himself, and let the uncle kneel and knock. In the end, he all lied to us!”


At this moment, all the senior leaders of the Bai family were angry.

Even the uncle Haibai was so angry that he thought he was deceived.

But at this moment!

“Why is it so noisy outside?”

A voice of vicissitudes of life came from inside the ward, which instantly stunned everyone.

This…this voice…

Suddenly, almost everyone including Haibai couldn’t believe their ears.

What did they hear?

Is that the voice of Mr. Bai?


In an instant, almost everyone was stunned, and even the bodyguards were shocked.

However, this didn’t end.


The door of the ward was slowly opened from the inside, and then an old man in a medical suit frowned and walked out slowly.

When they saw this old man, whether it was Haibai or the rest of the Bai family’s senior management, they seemed to have seen a ghost, and they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Mr. Bai?



Haibai and the others were completely frightened. After all, just yesterday, Mike had failed the operation and Mr. Bai was going to die, and only had three days to live.

And now, after only one night, Mr. Bai not only woke up, but he can also walk?

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