Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 163

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Chapter 163

How is this possible.

At this moment, Haibai only felt goosebombs. He looked at his fathers and said with a trembling voice:

“Dad…you, you are awake?”

“Of course I woke up! Do you think you are talking to a ghost?” Mr. Bai glared at Haibai in dissatisfaction, and scolded.

Then, when he glanced at the shocked expressions of everyone around him, he continued:

“Why do you all looking at me like you have seen a ghost? Are you unhappy that I woke up?”

“No no no!”

At this moment, Haibai and many other senior memebers shook their heads.

But they still asked with confusion:

“Mr. Bai, you almost died yesterday, how are you all right now?”

“Yes, Mr. Bai, did anyone come to treat you last night?”

“Yes, Mr. Bai, was a genius doctor named Lin was here to treat you?”


Sudenly, everyone in the Bai family thought of the words of the genius doctor Lin.

In the morning, he will heal!

They couldn’t believe it before, but now, when Mr. Bai appeared in front of them alive, how can they not believe it.


Mr. Bai frowned slightly, and he couldn’t help but think of one person-Shaun.

“There was a person who came here last night and wrote me a prescription. That person looks a lot like… Shaun? But the temperament was not very similar. He was more majestic and colder than Shaun, as if he can dominate people. A dictator of life and death!”


Looks like Shaun?


Hearing this, all the senior Bai family members around laughed completely.

“Hahaha…Mr. Bai, that must be the genius doctor Lin, not Shaun! How can Shaun that trash have such a method, only the genius doctor Lin is so capable!”

“Yes, Mr Bai, don’t think too much about it, how could it be rubbish Shaun! That oxen man is the genius doctor Lin who made Jiangcheng a sensation yesterday!”


Doctor Lin!

Mr. Bai has never heard of this name.

At this moment, after everyone’s explanation, he really understood that so many things had happened in these short days.

Western medicine madman, crushing Chinese medicine!

The great doctor Lin came out to change the tide!

Especially, when he knew that he was about to die yesterday, it was Haibai and others who asked the genius doctor Lin to save him, and completely eliminated the possibility of’Shaun’.

“It turns out to be the genius doctor Lin! You deserve to be a master of rejuvenation!”

Grandpa Bai was full of admiration and gratitude:

“When I see this expert in the future, I must bow down to thank this great life-saving grace!”

At this moment, in the hearts of Mr. Bai and many high-level Bai family, the genius doctor Lin was completely mythical, like a god.

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