Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 164

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Chapter 164


Immediately, when Mr. Bai heard that because of Shaun, his grandson Harper was beaten, his anger rose even more:

“Okay! Where is Shaun, he has got the courage of the bear heart and leopard!”

Mr. Bai was so angry that he almost blew his lungs and stared.

And Haibai said with a grim look:

“Dad! What are we going to do now? Harper and I have signed a letter of undertaking to give up the inheritance of the property!”

“Huh! What if you sign! I not dead yet!”

Grandpa Bai gave a cold snort, and then said angrily:

“Wait for a while! As long as Elvira will successfully develop the Pill for Resurrection, then I will definitely kick their family out of the Bai family!”

“As for that Shaun, it won’t be too late no matter how well you clean up then!”

This sentence made Haibai completely relieved.

Especially, when he thought that it would not take long before he could teach Shaun a good lesson, he was even more excited for revenge.

But they don’t know!

Now Shaun can not only control their lives, but also control their…death!

at the same time!

The news of Grandpa Bai’s return to life flew, as if it had grown wings, spread throughout Jiangcheng.

After all, during the live TV broadcast yesterday, the western medicine madman Mike’s team failed the operation and almost announced that the old man would die within three days.

And now!

In just one night, a dying person was miraculously healed, and he could even get out of bed and can walk, which was too shocking.

At the moment, the major news media in Jiang City have launched follow-up reports on this incident.

Especially, after learning that the person who cured Mr. Bai turned out to be the magical doctor Lin!


The whole Jiang City completely exploded.

‘The great doctor Lin rejuvenated and saved another person! He is Yaoxian? Or a genius? ‘

‘At the glorious moment of Chinese medicine, the magic doctor Lin revived, reappeared! ‘

‘Mr. Lin-China’s backbone and pride! ‘

A piece of news appeared on major TV stations and newspapers in Jiang City.

Almost every corner was talking about the legend named Lin.

And in the Liyuan Garden.

Elvira’s family also learned the news. They were all happy for the old man’s recovery and worshipped the mysterious Lin doctor.

However, their family happily wants to visit Mr. Bai, but was rejected again!

“Oh…it must have happened yesterday. Mr. Bai knew about it! He must have thought that our family is fighting for property and suppressing the eldest brother!” Bai Shan sighed.

Their family has never thought of competing for the property of the Bai family.

But now, even if they broke their mouths, they were afraid that Mr. Bai would not listen at all.

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