Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 151

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Chapter 151

In particular, the gaze of Elder Gao looking at Haibai seemed to show deep pity:

“Okay! I’ll call now!”


Elder Gao picked up the phone again, pressed an unknown number.

“Hey, Doctor Lin, it’s me Gao Zhiyuan again!”

You have to accept that, Gao’s acting skills are also awesome.

He talks to himself and his acting is extremely realistic.


“Mr. Lin, you are saying that just Harper slapped himslef is not enough. You are annoyed to see Haibai? Unless Haibai kneels on the ground, knocks his head for twenty times, and knocks his forehead until bleeding? This…”

While talking to the phone, the elder Gao couldn’t help looking at the uncle Haibai.


And hearing the words of the old man, the atmosphere in the entire room was got stiff to the extreme, almost everyone couldn’t believe their ears.


Crow’s mouth is right again!

How can this be.

At this moment, everyone looked at Shaun and Haibai, their expressions were extremely weird.

As for the Haibai, it was like as if he was hit by thunders, his face brushed, pale as paper:

“No…impossible! How can this little beast guess becomes true every time!”

Haibai was completely confused.

Obviously, he would not think of what Shaun had to do with the genius doctor Lin. After all, one was a well-known wasteful son-in-law, and the other was an expert in Chinese medicine.

They are exactly opposite of each other.

What only made him stunned was that Shaun’s mouth was almost open.

Huh huh!

At this moment, following a series of gazes, he focused on his body, which was trembling.

“Mr. Haibai, I’m sorry this time, please do as what just genius doctor Lin ordered!” Western medicine madman Mike said with a thick sneer at this moment.

When Haibai humiliated Shaun, Mike had already determined the fate of this guy.

And now… sure enough!

Not only Mike, but Li Mingyi and others also looked at Haibai:

“Mr. Haibai, are you going to defy the words of the genius doctor Lin? You know, the life Mr. Bai is still in your hands!”

“Yes, uncle, just listen to the words of genius doctor Lin!”

At this moment, under the persuasion of those Bai family core members and Chinese medicine experts!

Uncle Haibai’s complexion got as ugly as if he had eaten a fly. The only option he has is to droop his head and hit it with the ground.

“Okay! I… obey!”

Haibai almost broke his teeth.

He cannot disobey the genius doctor Lin, but he hates Shaun more and more in his heart.

This crow’s mouth!

Damn it.

Glancing at Shaun fiercely, Haibai immediately walked out of the room, and then knelt on the ground with a puff.

He bowed, his head while facing the ground, and he knocked!

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