Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 152

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Chapter 152





This scene made the mouths of the Elvira and her family twitch.

For some reason, when they saw Shaun’s humble appearance, they wanted to smoke this stuff.

This is too special… irritating.


The hitting continued, and Haibai’s forehead quickly knocked out blood started to flow on the ground.

“Shaun! Shaun!”

“This damn little beast!”

Haibai hated Shaun very much.

Not only him, Harper gritted his teeth with hatred. He couldn’t think that the last time his father and he were expelled from the family because of Shaun, it didn’t stop. And today, he and his dad has to face humiliation due to this crap.


When Haibai knocked his head for the last time, he was weak and limp to the ground for an instant.


Harper hurriedly stepped forward and helped him up.

Looking at his bloody forehead and feeling the fiery pain on his face, Harper was mad:

“Shaun, you little beast, you have to die! You wait, I will kill you!!!”

Harper’s gaze was filled with deep resentment.

Shaun was happy when he heard this!

“Are you sure you want to kill me?”

Shaun stared straight at Harper, as if watching a joke.

“Why? Are you afraid? I’m telling you, you’re done this time, Harper said!” Harper’s face is ferocious, and he wants to eat Shaun.

Just hearing this!

The smile on Shaun’s face became brighter:

“Sorry, it seems that today is not the end of me, but yours…over!”


Hearing Shaun’s these words, everyone there got stunned.

What does this guy mean?

Does he thinks that whatever he says it becomes a reality?

Suddenly, Harper looked at Shaun as if looking at a fool.

“Hahaha… Crow’s mouth, I don’t believe you can speak like this!” Harper laughed wildly.

He was punished, his father got punishment, and now the genius doctor Lin must have forgiven them. No one can deal with him except Mr. Lin.

Right now, just when Harper wanted to continue taunting Shaun!


There was a bang, and the door was kicked open.

Then, a big bald man, with a group of people, broke in!

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