Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 153

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Chapter 153


At this moment, everyone was shocked when they saw this group of uninvited guests rushed in.

Especially, when they saw the fierce bald man heading them, their expressions changed drastically.

“He turned out to be… Master Dao!”

Li Mingyi and others got frightened when they saw him.

They knew that Lord Dao was the most powerful villain of Beicheng Jiangshi.

No one dares to mess with him!

Absolutally fierce.

However, why did this ruthless person came, and he had brought dozens of people with him, it seems like he is here for revenge.

That’s it!

Li Mingyi and others couldn’t help but looking at Shaun’s family with pity. In their opinion, Master Dao came to the door in person, and his target must be Shaun’s family.

“Knife in Master Dao’s hand?”

Everyone present there got stunned, espacially Haibai and his son Harper.

When he reacted, they were extremely ecstatic.

Earlier, they fixed with Master Dao’s mourning dog to break Shaun’s legs.

But after that, there was no news, even once Harper called the bereaved dog but failed to communicate.

Basically, Harper was still wondering why the lost dog didn’t do his job.

And now he is here!

Maybe he is is here to do his job now, what we asked him to do long ago!

“Hahaha…Shaun, you are a crow mouth, what a co-incidence”

“Look, someone is looking for you to seek revenge!”

“And it’s Master Dao! Hahaha…”

Harper laughed wildly. He seemed to have seen Shaun being torn alive by Master Dao.


Harper went straight to Master Dao and the others and greeted them.

Just getting closer, Harper said in ecstasy:

“Master Dao, I am Harper, and I am also the brother of Brother Sanggou!”

Saying this, Harper pointed at Shaun.

“Master Dao, that guy is Shaun. Brother Sanggou has always wanted to kill him. If you are here today, you are welcome and beat him to death! Let him know how powerful you are! Hehe…”

Harper’s words were extremely vicious.

He hated Shaun even more in his heart, and he couldn’t wait to see Shaun being killed by Master Dao.

Hearing this.

Li Mingyi and all the core members of the Bai family got shocked.

From the situation, they came to know that Master Dao is here for Shaun!

“This crow’s mouth, will finally get his retribution?”

Li Mingyi and others shook their heads and sighed.

It’s just that their idea came up!

Snapped! ! !

A loud slap came directly.

Everyone was stunned to see that Harper was slapped and knocked to the ground, and the person who slapped him turned out to be a wounded person… with all his hands and feet wrapped in bandages.

He is lost dog!

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