Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 154

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Chapter 154

“Dog… Brother Gou! You, you are here too, why are you hitting me? Also, what happened to you?”

Harper was stunned, and the smiles on Haibai and others’ faces stopped suddenly.

Everyone discovered that there was not dog lost wounded alone, there were more than twenty wounded people behind the crowd.

Almost every wounded person wrapped one hand and one leg with bandages.

“Do you still have the face to ask me! You don’t know, this all has happened due to you!”

Sanggou stared at Harper, his eyes almost bursting into flames.


This sentence made Harper almost scared to pee.

What’s the matter, what happened to you, Harper still didn’t get what he is saying?

Harper was completely confused.

It’s more than that!

He saw that the bereaved dog is eager to eat him, with resentment and madness on his face:

“Harper, you are still not a human being, you actually bought me to break Mr. Shaun’s legs! I have never seen vicious person like you!”


Hearing this, the Elvira family realized that the last time the bereavement and others surrounded them was all planned by Harper.

For a while, Bai Shan and others’ complexions got changed, their hate for him went to extreme.

They couldn’t imagine that Harper’s resentment towards Shaun had reached to such extent.

But Haibai and jis son were completely shocked.

They did not expect that the lost dog would confess himself infront of all these people.

What is this…

After that, they heard the hysterical cry of the bereaved dog.

“Harper, let me tell you that I am very dangerous person, and it is impossible for you to buy me, and forget that i will hurt Mr. Shaun!”

“Today, I just want to teach you the lesson for messing with Mr. Shaun.”


This sentence shocked Harper.

Then he saw that the bereaved dog waved his palm:

In an instant, a sturdy man rushed out with a stick in his hand, and blinked to surround Harper and Haibai.


The sticks were smashed hard.


Harper and his father were beaten up and they were screaming constantly, and a trace of blood started to drop from their bodies, and this scene was bloody and miserable.

Whether it was Li Mingyi and others, Zhu Hua and Yang Meifeng, all were stunned.

What is going on here?

Didn’t Master Dao is here to beat Shaun?

How did you beat the employer, and attack him with cruelty!

Almost just a few minutes.

Haibai and Harper’s faces were already covered with blood, and their skins were ripped apart.

“Knife… Master Knife! Don’t hit us, you will kill us if you hit us again!” Haibai wailed in terror.

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