Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 155

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Chapter 155

“Come on Master Dao, I can give you whatever you want! Please, let them stop, stop!”

Haibai is completely scared!

He could see that the group members of Master Dao were beating him and his son to death. If they didn’t beg for mercy, they would definitely die.


Hearing this, Master Dao waved his hand, and all the sturdy men suddenly stopped beating them.

“Haibai, don’t blame me, blame youself for offending the wrong person!” Dao said indifferently.


Provoked the wrong person?

Haibai was stunned, he didn’t provoked anyone except Shaun, the scrap son-in-law.

Haibai and his son looked confused.

However, Master Dao ignored the doubtful state of the two at all. He glanced lightly at his more than 20 injured subordinates, and then said:

“If you want me to forgive you, it’s okay! The cost of my injuries, plus the cost of mental damage, 5 million, must be paid within an hour!”


Hearing this, Haibai couldn’t help but let out a long sigh of relief.

It doesn’t matter if you lose money, five million yuan is acceptable for him.

But suddenly, the indifferent voice of Master Dao made his heart beat slightly:


As he said, Master Dao glanced at a pile of confetti on the ground next to him. When he saw the promise of waiving the property inheritance right on the confetti, Master Dao couldn’t help thinking:

“Your family still needs to promise to give up the property inheritance rights of the Bai family!”


The words of Master Dao changed the complexion of the Haibai family.

Give up the inheritance rights of the Bai family?

This… is simply taking their everything. Without the Bai family’s inheritance rights, they will be all over, nothing they have to posess.

“Master Dao, I can give you money, why should I have to give up the right of inheritance? Besides, it will not benefit you at all!” Haibai could not understand why Master Dao said this.

After all, If I give up, the Elvira family will be benefited.



Master Dao slapped his face fiercely, and said:

“Do you still have the courage to ask, do you know that, you planned to scare and kill Mr. Lin? Shouldn’t this innocent person be compensated?”


Innocent person?

Hearing this, everyone looked at him and Shaun, who was unharmed, with a smile on his face, was watching the miserable appearance of Haibai and his son covered in blood, and everyone’s mouth twitched.

It seems that Haibai and his son are injured?


How could this be!

Haibai and Harper couldn’t believe their ears at all.

Not only did Master Dao make people beat up them, they also lost their money, and even asked their family to give up the inheritance rights of the Bai family.

What a…how could it be possible.

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