Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 209

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Chapter 209

Jacob is allergic to alcohol and does not touch any alcohol.

Those who prefer to die to greet others, and others toast him, won’t refuse anyone who comes. And Grace had to stand up for Jacob.

In the end, Grace couldn’t remember how many glasses of wine she had drunk. She drank it until her stomach was overwhelming. She felt sick and wanted to vomit, so she had to ask Jacob for help.

“Master Zhan, I can’t drink anymore.” She clutched her stomach, her face pale, and sweat was oozing out of her forehead.

Jacob looked at her increasingly ugly face, his eyes were cold, and his voice was cold, “You are very capable and drank twelve glasses of liquor!”

It was a kind of powerless ridicule that hated iron but not steel.

Why do you want to be strong when you can’t drink it?

Fortunately it is him today. If she is an upset hypocrite, how can she protect herself?

Grace obviously didn’t hear his ridicule, raised his head and squeezed a feeble, wry smile at him weakly.

“I used to drink better!”


Jacob’s narrow and long eyes shot out dangerous cold light, “Really? The person opposite is an overseas entrepreneur. I have always wanted to find a chance to cooperate with him. Since you can drink this way, help me block a few drinks. . After the event is over, I will give you generous rewards.”

Grace didn’t care about her salary, but she heard that it was a big client he wanted to cooperate with. He stood up straight and said, “Okay.”

Jacob looked at her speechlessly!

Only when she doesn’t cherish herself and feels angry.

How do you know that her heart is on him? Don’t care about your body in order to achieve your career?

Jacob brought Grace to the overseas entrepreneur. The foreigner spoke pure German. Jacob pretended not to understand. He turned around and asked Grace, “Can you translate for me?”

How did Grace know what he meant by temptation, thinking that he wanted a decent identity as a translator. Then I translated it for him, “He praised you for being handsome.”

“He said that he had heard of your legend, and he created three-quarters of the world’s Media Asia network at a young age. You are a genius.”

As Jacob listened to Grace’s professional translation, a smile appeared in his eyes.

The longer you get along with this girl, the more surprises there will be.

However, happiness leads to sadness.

When Grace toasted the foreigner, she couldn’t help but throw up the foreigner.

Grace, who was half drunk and half awake, was so frightened that she kept shouting, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

People have already begun to shake, and they dare not go to fight Jacob. It’s swaying like a willow in the wind.

Suddenly Jacob stretched out his hand and grasped her arm tightly.

Grace could barely stand.

“Follow me.” He took Grace straight away from the venue, stuffed it into the Rolls Royce, and ordered Guan Xiao to send them back to the villa.

Originally, Grace was still a little conscious, but after the bumps of Rolls-Royce, she was completely broken and unconscious.

On the way, she fell asleep on Jacob’s lap.

Guan Xiao glanced at the president’s face several times. He thought that Grace, who was drunk, would make the cleanliness president’s lungs burst out of anger. He didn’t expect the president’s expression to be quite normal, and-the president looked at Grace. There seemed to be a little tenderness in his eyes.

Guan Xiao was frightened with arrhythmia. How has the president of Bingshan ever been gentle to others?

What can Grace do?

Guan Xiao has arrhythmia, and his driving skills follow.

The car suddenly swayed on a stable road, and Jacob stared at him angrily, “Drive well.”

For fear of awakening Grace.

Guan Xiao feels that his three-views have to be re-established?

Originally, Guan Xiao still had a fluke, but he thought too much. Because in his cognition, even if the earth population is dead and only Grace is left, the president’s bad attitude towards Grace will not change.

But when he got out of the car, Jacob personally hugged Grace and got out of the car, his movements were surprisingly gentle. Guan Xiao hated to slap himself twice.

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