Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 243

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Chapter 243

“Master Zhan, why are you still—not sleeping?” Grace wanted to ask him why he stayed in her rented house, but her brain quickly realized that this house is already his property, so she changed his words with interest.

“Grace, in order to date a man, the children don’t care?” Jacob’s lips lightly opened, his voice was hoarse.

The slender cigar held between her slender fingers shook the ashes, squeezed the sparks from the cigarette butt, and threw it away in the ashtray. Then he raised his eyes and looked at Grace obliquely.

Grace moved her gaze to the ashtray with his hand and was shocked to see a pile of cigarette butts.

How long has he been waiting for her?

“Master Zhan,” she walked over and explained to him, “I also want to come back soon to take care of the child, but today Young Master Bai was in a bad mood, as a friend, stay and comfort him a few words—”

Before she finished speaking, Jacob’s tired and sleepy face suddenly showed a grim anger, “Grace, every day there are many cowardly men who have emotional breakdowns. Do you have to pay for them?”

The meaning in his words is clearly insinuating that she is a ridiculous woman!

Grace’s eyes were red from aggrieved, but she stubbornly resisted, “Warlord, you don’t know how miserable my life Grace is. My parents abandoned me, and my husband abandoned me. , So friends like Shao Bai who help me will make me cherish it. Please don’t judge our pure friendship.”

Jacob was dumb.

What is he doing? Are you jealous?

Because he was not happy that she was dating Bai Suyuan, he tried to discredit her character to vent his aggrieved emotions?

Seeing Grace’s trembling shoulders, Jacob calmed down.

“It’s late, go and rest.” He said weakly.

Then he picked up the jacket on the sofa and walked slowly outside.

Grace closed her eyes in annoyance and exhaled, then turned around and said, “Zhan Ye, it’s already late. Why don’t you live here tonight?”

The figure of Jacob paused slightly, and his frustration was inexplicably bright because of her retention!

He slowly turned around and stared at Grace silently.

A man like him is usually very cold and expensive, and when he looks a little bleak, he actually carries the charm of a manic character.

Grace’s face was inexplicably feverish, she kept him, don’t let him get it wrong?

If he realizes that she cares for him, he will surely return to his former brutality and ruthlessness, and trample her love deeply!

Grace realized this and explained in a panic, “I can sleep on the sofa tonight.”

Jacob smiled bitterly, turned and left.

Grace sat down on the sofa in a gloomy mood, looked at the cigarette butts in the ashtray, and counted a dozen cigarettes.

When does he have the habit of smoking?

If he smokes so much without restraint, is he not afraid of being bad for his health?

She sat on the sofa with her legs in her arms, her thoughts confused.

Tonight, she left her child to “date” Bai Suyuan, causing him to misunderstand that she was a profuse woman, and a perfectionist like him would certainly not have a good impression of her.

Grace suddenly laughed at herself with a bitter smile. What is she expecting, and expecting his prodigal son to turn around?

He has treated her nicely these days, and this change is just for Derek’s disobedience. And she began to have wishful thinking, she would only hope the greater the disappointment!

Maybe after tonight, their relationship will return to the former coldness.

That night, Grace tossed and turned, unable to sleep.

The next day, Grace got up early to make breakfast for the children.

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