Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 242

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Chapter 242

“Obuchi, Mommy is sorry, and Mommy doesn’t want to abandon you, but Mommy’s anxiety is getting worse and worse. Mommy is afraid of hurting you, so Mommy decided to leave early.”

At that time, he was not too young, and he was in a youthful rebellious period.

The most disobedient student in the school was him, and he was the one who skipped classes and fights. Others only regarded him as a bad boy, but no one knew that he just wanted to use this method to get the attention of his parents.

At that time, his father was outside looking for flowers and asking Liu, Xiao San would call Mommy every day and irritate Mommy with excessive words.

His gentle and kind mommy was overwhelmed, suffering from severe anxiety and depression.

Mommy’s body has become very bad. And the temper has become very strange.

He thought that what Mommy said “leave early” was to run away from home just like him.

Unexpectedly, it was a suicide note left by Mommy, and then Mommy chose to commit suicide by jumping off the building.


“Grace, they forced my mummy to death. Over the years, I hated the Bai family every midnight dream.” Bai Suyuan said lightly.

It seems to tell something that has nothing to do with me.

Grace was originally anxious to go back to cook for Faith, but was overwhelmed by Bai Suyuan’s sudden confession.

Grace couldn’t bear to see the man who was smiling all day long, curled up on a chair like a cat, his eyes dim and helpless.

“Su Yuan, if you can do something to relieve your pain. Then do it. But you must remember not to let hatred cloud your conscience.”

Bai Suyuan nodded and said in a low voice, “I haven’t thought of making money and killing. I just feel that when my dad didn’t start the Bai Group, he was in debt and was in the same boat with my mother. At that time, our family was so happy. “

“I just want the Bai family to go back to the beginning and make my dad become poor and white. I want him to see how many people will follow him so desperately when he is not beautiful?”

“I want to wake up my dad’s conscience so that he can confess before my mother’s grave…”

Grace sighed long.

Unhappy childhood, it takes a lifetime to make up.

“Grace. I hope you can help me.” He raised his helpless pupil and looked at her pitifully.

Grace felt weak, “But how should I help you?”

“There is no trusted person by my side. After I entered the Bai family, the woman put her eyeliner around me. I need a trusted friend!”

Grace nodded solemnly.

“Well, maybe I can’t help you display your revenge, but I can be your most trusted friend and listen to your troubles.”

Bai Suyuan squeezed a bright smile at her, “Grace, come to work tomorrow and be my assistant.”


When Grace returned to Yunting, it was already twelve o’clock.

When the door was first opened, it was completely dark inside.

In order to prevent the children from falling asleep, Grace took off her shoes and touched it with bare feet.

Suddenly the light was turned on.

Jacob sat on the sofa, staring sleepily at Grace.

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