Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 241

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Chapter 241

Grace hung up the phone and wrote on her face haggardly.

Bai Suyuan handed her a glass of red wine and smiled, “Drink some wine, and maybe your worries will disappear.”

Grace remembered that she was ordered to quit drinking after being drunk last time, and put the red wine on the table.

“I don’t drink well. I stopped drinking.” Grace said frankly.

Bai Suyuan looked at Grace’s clear and beautiful eyes, thinking that when they first saw her, she refused his unreasonable request. At that moment, the rigidity in her bones and the reservedness of being a woman left him with a good impression.

“Why are you looking for a job?” Bai Suyuan asked her.

Grace was startled slightly, she had entrusted Bai Suyuan to help her recommend work the day before yesterday, but she didn’t expect him to really remember it.

Grace thought for a while and said, “Some people work for survival, some people work for hobbies, and my work just wants to prove to the people they care about.”

Bai Suyuan shook the wine glass in his hand, and the scarlet wine swayed in the glass, as if his smile was coquettish, “You are the most special girl I have ever seen. Grace, come to work in my company!”

Grace’s hand holding the chopsticks tightened suddenly, and the knuckles were symmetrically and slenderly wrapped by the transparent skin like cicada wings. They looked very weak, but showed strong strength.

After a while, Grace returned to normal.

Some were flattered and said, “Shao Bai, a company like Bai’s needs high-achieving students from prestigious universities. I don’t have a good background, advanced education, and dazzling skills. I’m afraid that it will cause you trouble if I don’t do well.”

Bai Suyuan looked at Grace very sincerely and said, “Grace, I need you.”

Grace took a deep breath. “Young Master Bai, I am already the mother of three children and I have been divorced. Don’t think too much of me. That will affect your career.”

“You think too much.” Bai Suyuan put down the wine glass, crossed his fingers on the table, and looked at Grace very solemnly, “I want to get involved with you, but Jacob might not agree. Grace, I invite You came to my company in the hope that you can help me make a fortune.”

Grace laughed and said, “You are the heir of the Bai family, and you still need to work hard by yourself?”

Bai Suyuan’s eyes cast a dark shadow, “Grace, since a small person like you has the ambition of partridge, how can I be willing to be an unearned successor? I want to be a pioneer.”

Bai Suyuan’s serious and solemn appearance was nothing like a joke.

Grace was guilty of whispering that the Bai family is already a big company in Asia. If Bai Suyuan is not satisfied with the Bai family’s territory, then his ambition is to replace Media Asia, right?

“Does Shao Bai want to surpass Media Asia?” Grace asked uneasily.

Bai Suyuan looked at Grace, but shook his head.

Grace was relieved.

It’s just that the doubts in her heart have become more intense, “The cake in the market is so big. Since you don’t want to surpass Media Asia, then I don’t understand. Who will lose his cake in the field you want to develop?”

Her heart is faintly disturbed, is it possible that Bai Suyuan’s purpose is Yancheng Yan?

Grace waited nervously for Bai Suyuan’s answer. Bai Suyuan’s originally gentle face slowly piled up with a thin layer of anger for some reason.

“What I want to deal with is…Bai’s.”

Grace was shocked.

“Why?” she asked puzzled.

Bai Suyuan’s anger disappeared in his eyes, followed by great sorrow.

The dark pupils suddenly lit up, and the floating mist blurred his vision.

An unbearable scene was loaded in his mind.

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