Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 240

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Chapter 240

Derek and Jason deliberately left part of the noodles and poured them into Faith’s bowl.

After Jacob saw this action, he scolded, “Don’t be used to her.”

Jason and Derek had to put their noodles back together.

“Huh!” Faith huffed sullenly, then ran to her bedroom and shut the door loudly with a bang.

Jacob was so shocked that his heartbeat missed a beat.

Looking back at the closed door, he said with a black face, “Who does this bad temper look like?”

Derek and Jason licked the bottom of the bowl simultaneously, blinked their eyes dumbly, and said in unison, “Like her daddy.”

Jacob was stunned, thinking about it and nodding, “Yes, your mommy’s temper is stubborn and not irritable. This little bun’s irritability should be inherited from her sc*mbag.”

Derek and Jason couldn’t help laughing.

“What are you two laughing at?” Jacob asked suspiciously, looking at his son who was out of control.

“Daddy, you will have the bad habit of slamming doors when you get up.” Jason told him vaguely.

Jacob, who has always been arrogant and smart, didn’t think about it, and said without embarrassment, “Which man has no temper.”

Derek and Jason compromised, lying on the table, turning a deaf ear to what Daddy said.

Jacob glanced at his watch from time to time, looking absent-minded.

Dark air lingers on his forehead.

“Derek, did your mom always stay away at night?” He gritted his teeth, his voice filled with sharpening sharpness.

Derek raised his head, shaking his head like a rattle, “Daddy, it’s the first time Mommy hasn’t come home so late.”

When Jacob heard such an answer, his anger diminished a lot.

“Call your mommy and ask her to come back as soon as possible.” Jacob said in a terrible way.

Derek sighed helplessly, took out his phone watch, and called Mommy.

“Baby! Is something wrong?” Grace’s ethereal voice came.

Derek answered the phone, but didn’t know what to say. He had to look at Daddy for help.

“Ask her where is she?” Jacob taught Derek from the side.

“Mummy, where are you?”

“Uncle Bai and I were having supper in a restaurant.” Grace said truthfully.

“Which restaurant?” Jacob asked with a black face.

“Which restaurant?” Derek repeated Daddy’s words like a repeater.

“The Romance of the Constellation!” Grace said without doubting him.

Jacob’s fist beats on the table, Zodiac Romance is a love-themed restaurant for couples to date.

Bai Suyuan took Grace to the constellation Romance, with bad intentions.

“Let her come back quickly.” Jacob ordered with a black face.

Derek is very embarrassed…How can he ask Mommy to come back immediately without a valid reason?

Jacob glanced at Faith’s room and said, “Tell her that Faith is still hungry.”

“Mummy, my sister hasn’t eaten dinner yet.”

“Then have you eaten?” Grace really began to worry.

“We ate, but my sister didn’t. She quarreled with Daddy.”

For a long time, he heard Grace gritted her teeth, “How old is he, what is he doing with a child?”

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