Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 210

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Chapter 210

“Boy, who are you? Bodyguard, bodyguard? Who told you to let this kid in? Get him out of here!” Yang Minghao looked very angry, shouting at his bodyguard.

After Elvira saw Shaun, she immediately let out a long sigh of relief:


With that, she quickly ran towards him.

At this moment, all the panic and despair disappeared completely from her face, as if Shaun’s thin figure could help her hold up the sky, so that she would no longer have fear and worry.


Yang Minghao got slightly amazed when he heard this:

“Are you that wasteful husband of Elvira?”

After saying that, Yang Minghao smiled.

If it’s someone else, maybe he’s still a little jealous, but Elvira’s husband, Jiang City’s most famous trash son-in-law, how could he put such a wasteful person in his eyes.

“Boy, what? Since you are here, then I won’t hide it from you!”

As he said, Yang Minghao glanced unscrupulously at Elvira’s enchanting figure, the greed and evil in his eyes became more and more intense:

“I’m in love with your wife! Let’s talk about it, how much do you need to give her to me!”

While talking, Yang Minghao took out a check from his pocket:

“one million?”

“Two million?”


At this moment, both Elvira and Shaun’s expressions were extremely gloomy.

They couldn’t imagine that this Yang Minghao was so arrogant that he is giving money to buy Elvira to her husband.

“Boy, don’t be too greedy, but I heard that your status in the Bai family is like a dog, it is better to take the money and get out!”

“I will give you five million!”

After that, Yang Minghao wrote down five million in the cheque book.

Tear it off!

Then, as if like giving it to a beggar, he threw the check at Shaun’s cheek.


The sound of cheques spilling in the air resounded in the office, but Yang Tianrui and all the officials of the Bai Group outside the door can see this scene.

It’s just that every face of these people is full of weirdness, looking at Yang Minghao as if looking at an idiot.

“Are you rich?”

Shaun didn’t pick up the check, but a faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, staring directly at Yang Minghao.


Yang Minghao got shocked. He didn’t expect that Shaun could still laugh at this time.

However, he didn’t consider Shaun anything in his eyes. Instead, he held his head tall and said:

“That’s obvious!”

“My father is Yang Jinshui, the chairman of Shengshi Group! We have billions.”

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