Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 209

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Chapter 209

She never thought of it.

Yang Minghao, the young master of the Shengshi Group, would be this courageous. He would use the opportunity of negotiation and cooperation to plot against her.

Fortunately, Elvira grabbed a pen and held it in her hand.

This made Yang Minghao throw a rat avoidance device, unable to succeed.

“Hey… Elvira, I heard that your husband is trash, so why don’t you just get divorced! Isn’t it better to marry me and become a part of Shengshi Group?”

The corner of Yang Minghao’s mouth was filled with an evil and hot smile.


Elvira is definitely the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

Whether it is temperament or appearance, it made him fall in love at first sight.


He spent a full month without catching up.

But today, whatever he said, he would give this Jiang City’s first beauty to the Fa-rectification on the spot.

“Yang Minghao, you are the trash! Your whole family is trash!”

“My husband, Shaun, is incomparable to a trash like you.”

Elvira held the pen and scolded angrily.

And this sentence caused the jealousy in Yang Minghao’s heart to rise instantly:

“You dare to say that I am inferior to a trash!”

“Okay! Today, I will let you see my power!”

Yang Minghao took advantage of Elvira’s carelessness, and suddenly kicked the sole of his foot and threw it out!

In an instant, he grabbed Elvira’s wrist fiercely!

She lost the strength and the pen fell to the ground.


At this moment, Elvira’s pretty face got pale.

That’s it!

Without the pen, how could she resist Yang Minghao? Waiting for her the end will be miserable!


“Elvira, you are mine now! There is only me and you here, I am going to K*ss you now!”

Yang Minghao is ecstatic!

At the moment, while talking evilly he rushed towards Elvira!


There was a roar, and Yang Minghao and Elvira got shocked, the door of the office, as if bearing the power of boundless horror, burst open!

It burst into pieces.

“Damn it, who is this?”

Yang Minghao’s expression instantly became gloomy.

Seeing that he was about to succeed, he couldn’t think that someone would come in and make trouble.

At the moment, his gaze turned toward the broken office door, and he saw that the solid wood door was completely broken into pieces.

And a young man walked in slowly.

It is Shaun.

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