Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 208

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Chapter 208


In this scene, Shaun just stretched out his hand, pinched a burly and strong bodyguard as if pinching a little chicken, in the air.


The bodyguard was scared to pee.

He only felt that at the moment when Shaun pinched his neck, his whole body could no longer exert any strength.

Especially he can feel it!

It seems that Shaun can squeeze his neck with just a pinch of his fingers:

“No… don’t kill me…”


The bodyguard was so frightened that urine flowed, his face was full of horror and despair, and the look in Shaun’s eyes was more like a devil.

“Kill you? You are not qualified for it!”

Shaun flashed a cold light in his eyes, grabbed the palm of the bodyguard’s neck, and threw him!

As if swinging a stick, he suddenly hit the ground!


When the bodyguard’s body hit the floor hard, everyone around felt that the entire 15th floor was shaking.

Scarlet blood started to spill out of the bodyguard’s mouth.

He felt that his internal organs were almost shattered when he got hit to the ground.

He wanted to scream, but he can’t because of the blood in his mouth.


The entire fifteenth floor was completely quiet.

The other three bodyguards wanted to stop Shaun, but when they saw their companions!


All of them were exhausted, and they all fell to the ground, their complexions pale.

“So scary…”

They couldn’t afford to stop him at all.

Yang Tianrui, as well as all officials of the Bai Group, got stunned to see this scene.

They couldn’t imagine how terrifyingly Shaun smashed the powerful bodyguard.

Shaun didn’t care about the shock of everyone around him.

His eyes were fixed on the office, and he walked towards it.

Like a demon, came to wreak havoc on the world.

at the same time!

The sound of the fighting outside also spread to the office.

“Hahaha… Elvira, did you hear that? My bodyguards have already begun to do it. Don’t even think that one of your Bai group members can rush in!”

A young man staring at Elvira in the corner with a wicked smile.

Elvira held a pen in his hand at this moment, guarding carefully.

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