Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 207

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Chapter 207


Yang Tianrui got stunned, and he was amazed to find that he didn’t get hit by any fist.

What is going on?

Yang Tianrui couldn’t help but quickly opened his eyes and looked to the front. Then he got stunned to see that the four fierce and burly bodyguards were in the air as if they were hit hard by a galloping train.



One after another, they fell to the ground.


At this moment, all the sounds in the corridor on the 15th floor disappeared.

Seeing this scene everyone there got stunned.

And Yang Tianrui saw a young man appeared in front of him!

That is Shaun!





Everyone there didn’t even see exactly how Shaun made the move, and they saw the four burly and heavy bodyguards, like scarecrows fell to the distance in a single kick. People, there are not believing their eyes.

More than them!

The strong four bodyguards can’t move at all.

Their faces flushed with deep consternation and disbelief. Everyone felt that their chest bones as if they were about to shatter, were extremely painful.

“Little boy, who are you? Don’t mess with us!”

The head of the bodyguards looked at Shaun with anger.


But for some reasons, he felt something dangerous, as if the young man standing in front of him was not a person, but more like a beast.

“Shanda?” Shaun’s mouth was filled with a cold arc:


He was too lazy to look at the four bodyguards, and walked towards the office as soon as he stepped on it!

“Damn! Stop him, don’t let him disturb the young master!”

The leader of bodyguards shouted to the three people next to him.

Hearing this!

The bodyguard in the front sprang up first, like an arrow from the string, swinging an iron fist in his hand!

“Boy, do you want to die!”

This bodyguard is obviously a Lianjiazi, with a fierce face and extremely brave momentum.

Everyone saw that just when the bodyguard had just rushed in front of Shaun.

Shaun in no time grabbed the bodyguard in his neck and lift him in the air. The bodyguard is swinging in the air like a useless thing.

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