Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 206

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Chapter 206

“Old stuff, if you dare to do anything wrong, I will kill you!”

The bodyguard was fierce and vicious, and the other three were gearing up one by one, eagerly.

as if, it is Yang Tianrui or other people, they will beat them without any mercy.

Yang Tianrui suddenly became ashamed and angry.

He did not expect that he would suffer such humiliation at this age.

Suddenly, he got up and rushed towards the four bodyguards.

Whatever you do, I will break into the office and save Elvira!

“court death!”

This scene caused the four bodyguards to be very angry. They couldn’t imagine that this old guy was so stubborn.

A trace of fierceness and violence appeared in the eyes of the four of them. At that moment, they stretched out an iron fist and wanted to hit Yang Tianrui’s head severely!

They about to beat Yang Tianrui until he dies.

“Old Yang!!!”

The rest of the key members of the Bai Group got shocked. They want to save him, but they couldn’t make it!

It’s over…

“You freaking Old thing!”

The corners of the mouths of the four bodyguards showed a strong sense of violence and tyranny.

They saw their fists getting closer and closer to Yang Tianrui’s head.

one meter!

Half a meter!

One foot!

The fists of four people were about to hit Yang Tianrui’s head instantly!


The four bodyguards were surprised to find that a black shadow, like lightning, rushed over from the corridor in the distance.

Then, the feet of the black shadow, like raindrops, fell against their bodies!

Bang bang bang!

The four bodyguards only felt their bodies, as if they were being hit by a rampage train!

The corner of Yang Tianrui’s mouth filled with a deep bitter smile.

He never expected that his lifetime reputation would be destroyed by these monster bodyguards.

After these four punches, I am afraid that my life will have to be explained, right?

In Yang Tianrui’s mind!

At this moment, he thought of it.


I’m sorry, Mr. Lin, Yang Tianrui can’t work for you, and I can’t help you save Elvira…

Yang Tianrui thought of this and closed his eyes, waiting for the four iron fists to hit!

Just at this moment!

Bang bang bang!

A dull voice suddenly resounded in front of him.

Not only that!

In this dull sound, there was a sound of broken bones.

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