Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 205

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Chapter 205

“No…impossible! That is Shaun? He climbed from the first floor to the 15th floor?”

“Damn, he climbed the stairs faster than the elevator? No, that is not possible!”


Many security guards looked at each other, as like they had something unusual.

Especially, when they saw that the stairway doors of the safe passage were swaying, obviously after being pushed aside roughly, all the security guards had to accept the facts even if they were unbelievable.

Shaun climbed the stairs much faster than them!


In less than twenty seconds, he climbed from the first floor to the fifteenth floor, which made all the security guards think like he is a ghost.

However, Shaun didn’t care about them.

He rushed towards Elvira’s office like lightning.

The eyes are sharp, like demons.

at the same time!

At the door of the office, four strong bodyguards wearing black suits and sunglasses blocked the door and blocked all the employees of the Bai Group.

Yang Tianrui, the chief fashion designer of the Bai Group, is leading a group of key members of the Bai Group, arguing with these bodyguards!

“Hurry up and get out of the way, I want to see the president! Have you heard? This is the Bai Group!”

Yang Tianrui’s beard trembled with anger.

As a generation of fashion masters, he came to the Bai Group because he admired Shaun, and he even regarded this place as his home.

And he even knew Elvira’s position in Shaun’s heart.

If something happened to Elvira, Yang Tianrui could not imagine what would happen.

Just now!

The four burly bodyguards did not put Yang Tianrui in their eyes at all, and said with sarcasm:

“Old thing, get out! Our Young Master Yang is inside, no one can enter without his orders!”

“Yes, what is your Bai Group! How dare you use your rules to restrain our Yang Shao!”


Arrogant and domineering!

These four bodyguards seemed to be arrogant. Their words immediately made Yang Tianrui angry, and his body trembled:



Just as Yang Tianrui wanted to argue, one of the fierce bodyguards slapped his face severely.

The burning pain spread all over Yang Tianrui’s cheeks!

It’s just that they didn’t wait for him to react!

Another fierce bodyguard kicked Yang Tianrui’s stomach, he falls to the ground.


Do it!

The other officials of the Bai Group around them, all got startled. They didn’t expect that Yang Shao’s bodyguard would be so vicious, and would attack people like this.

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