Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 204

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Chapter 204

After Shaun sent Baishan home, he went to the Bai Group alone.

Although he had already handed over the prescription and all the development techniques of the Resurrection Pill to Elvira, as the chief technical adviser of the group, he still had to supervise it.


He had just arrived at the Bai Group and found that the atmosphere was not right.

A security guard rushed to the elevator quickly.

Everyone’s complexion was full of panic and anxiety.


This scene made Shaun’s eyelids twitch, he asked a security guard quickly:

“What happened?”

The security guard looked at Shaun for a moment, but he recognized him and said with a strange expression:

“Just now the young master of the Shengshi Group brought someone to sign the order, but he didn’t know what was going on, he locked the door of President’s office and sent a few bodyguards to guard the door!”

“Old Yang is worried about the president, so he let us go upstairs to take a see!”


Shaun’s expression changed as soon as he heard this.

Shengshi Group!

Shaun’s face was so gloomy, he suddenly remembered that Elvira had told him some days back that there is a Kuo Shao surnamed Yang who has been pestering her, making her very annoying and disgusting.

It must be that guy!

“Mr. Lin, would you like to take the elevator with us, go up and see?”

The security guard had already walked into the elevator with others, filling it up.

Shaun just glanced at them and said indifferently:

“no need!”

Shaun flashed under the startled gaze of all the security guards and rushed straight to the staircase.

Climbing stairs?

All the security guards in the elevator got stunned.

You know, the president’s office is on the 15th floor. Does this guy think that he can climb the stairs faster than the elevator?

Is he out of his mind!

“When he climbs the 15th floor, the president will afraid that something has happened!”

“Oh…no wonder everyone said that the president married a trash guy, and now it seems that this is true, this person has no brain at all!”


At this moment, many security guards felt that Shaun was is an idiot.

Everyone felt sorry for Elvira to marry such an idiot guy.

The elevator got closed!

All the security guards took the elevator and went up to the 15th floor!

The elevator reached the 15th floor in Less than twenty seconds!

When these security guards rushed out of the elevator, they saw from a distance that at the end of the corridor on the fifteenth floor, a group of people gathered around.

Needless to say, that is the president’s office.

It’s just that the many security guards got amazed.

In front of them, there was already a young man rushing toward the crowd like lightning.

From the back view, he turned out to be Shaun!

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