Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 203

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Chapter 203

The cold sweat dripped from Yang Jinshui’s forehead.

Then he got stunned to discover that after he revealed Shaun’s true identity, the coquettish woman next to him suddenly got frozen.

Are you ok?

“What’s wrong with you?” Yang Jinshui asked curiously.

And hearing this!

The coquettish woman swallowed fiercely, and then said:

“Mr. Yang, you may not know, Young Master…”

Young Shao!

Yang Minghao is the only son of Yang Jinshui!

As a son of superior family background, Yang Minghao was spoiled since childhood and was doted by Yang Jinshui.


Although Yang Jinshui knew that his son Yang Ming had a lustful nature, he did not understand what it has to do with Shaun.

“What’s the matter? How you want to say?”

Yang Jinshui was in a hurry.

He didn’t want to face Shaun, that terrifying devil again.

Shanda Group has always worked closely with the Bai Group, and all orders are the responsibility of Yang Shao! Yang Shao actually has fallen in love with Elvira, who is the new president of the Bai Group!”

When the coquettish woman said this, she only felt that her body is shivering.

“Shao Yang has been pursuing Elvira for a month, and he has completely lost his patience! Not long ago, he took a few bodyguards and went to the Bai Group!”

“Yang Shao said, he will go this time straight to Elvira!”


As soon as these words came out, a thunder hit Yang Jinshui.

Special code!

At this moment, he is feeling like he is not standing on earth anymore. He just swore that he would never encounter the devil-like Shaun again in his life. But he heard in a blink of an eye that his son actually wants to strengthen his relationship with Shaun’s woman.

This is like dragging yourself toward death!

“Ahole! Ahole! This beast is going to die for sure, he can be a cause of disaster for the whole family!”

Yang Jinshui got completely anxious.

Immediately put all the remaining banknotes in his hand into his mouth, then chewed and swallowed hard.

And this moment!


Car after the car stopped on the side of the road, and a fierce thug came out of the car quickly.

These people, all holding baseball bats in their hands, were full of aggression.

They are here for helping Yang Jinshui.

“Mr. Yang, you…”

After seeing Yang Jinshui kneeling and swallowing banknotes, the thugs were all stunned.

However, Yang Jinshui did not explain at all. After eating all the banknotes, he stood up from the ground:

“Come! Follow me to the Bai Group!”


Many thugs got hesitated for a moment, and the leader asked curiously:

“President Yang, who are we going to beat in Bai Group?”

They immediately thought that someone in the Bai Group had provoked Mr. Yang, and they couldn’t help but mourn for those idiots!

However, Yang Jinshui’s next sentence made them completely confused:

“Yang Minghao!!!”

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