Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 202

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Chapter 202

But if it was that young man, it would be unbelievable too!

after all!

Shaun seems to be in his early twenties, how could he be the boss behind the giant Tianlong Group!

Not only her! Yang Jinshui also frowned:

“No! The real boss of the Tianlong Group is definitely not Baishan!”

“In my opinion, that young man is for sure!”


The coquettish woman got stunned.

The boss behind Tianlong Group is that young guy?

This is too shocking.

“You will not get it!”

Yang Jinshui recalled the scene of facing Shaun before, his face was full of fear and shock:

“That person, kicking me to the ground was more terrifying than when I swallowed the banknotes. He is like a devil.”

“Moreover, even he knew my identity, he didn’t show any fear!”

“The way he looked at me was like looking at an idiot!”

“It must be him!”

Before Yang Jinshui was dazzled by the anger and he didn’t pay too much attention, but now in retrospect, that young man’s calmness, skills, and momentum, like an emperor in the dark, domineering and brutal, let Yang Jinshui think of him.

“Who is this young man? When did such a terrifying man appear in Jiang City?”

In Jiangshi, Yang Jinshui knows all the people who are more powerful than him.

However, he had never seen Shaun.

And aside!

The coquettish woman frowned and thought, her eyes lit up suddenly:

“I… I remember!”

“Yes, Baishan is the president of the Bai Group! I have seen him once when he came to ask our Shanda Group to cooperate with their Bai Group!”


As soon as this remark came out, Yang Jinshui was shocked.

Bai group, he obviously knows.

Baishan, he had also heard of him, he is one of the three sons of Mr. Bai.

“That big man calls Baishan his father! So, he is Baishan’s son or son-in-law!”

“But Baishan has only one daughter, so…

After guessing the identity of Shaun, Yang Jinshui only felt that his heart was beating wildly, almost jumping out:

“He is the famous waste person in Jianshi, the son-in-law of the Bai family-Shaun!”


He can’t imagine that the Bai family’s wasteful son-in-law, who is famous for doing nothing, turns out to be the boss behind the giant Tianlong Group in Jiang City!

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