Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 201

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Chapter 201

Please forgive me this time. I promise I will never dare again!”

After speaking, Yang Jinshui seemed to have thought of something!

He quickly took out all the banknotes in his wallet, and then desperately stuffed them into his mouth:

“I eat, I eat all of these banknotes, absolutely never fall a single! Please forgive me!”

Shaun is gone!

He and Bai Shan declined Tianlong Xu’s request to see them off, and they went straight away.

But on the side of the road, a strange scene was being staged.

A middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes knelt on the ground, constantly stuffing banknotes in his mouth.

Many migrant workers and passers-by were all stunned to see this scene.

Most of the people recognized him at a glance they couldn’t believe their eyes that, this fat man who knelt on the ground and stuffed banknotes in his mouth is a great figure in Jiangshi–Yang Jinshui, chairman of Shanda Group.

After all, as far as they know!

Yang Jinshui is extremely arrogant and has a domineering personality.

Who would have thought that he will kneel on the ground like this?

Everyone is in awe that who is that powerful person who can make Yang Jinshui kneel in public.

“Mr. Yang, they are gone, why are you still eating money like a fool?”

The coquettish woman asked Yang Jinshui with a gloomy face.

There are so many people around, and Mr. Yang is a high-ranking boss. If someone spread the news about this, he will unable to show his face to others.

However, when Yang Jinshui heard this, his eyes suddenly rounded, and he yelled:

“You know what a sh!t! Before, I threatened that person and asked him to eat all the money!”

“Now, if I don’t eat them all, even if there is only one left, Tianlong Xu will know immediately!”

That’s it!

A deep look of fear appeared on Yang Jinshui’s face:

“My Shanda Group will finish in minutes, and I am afraid that they will take my life too!”


This sentence completely stunned the coquettish woman.

She did not expect that offending that person would have such terrible consequences.

“President Yang, you said that the person Tianlong Xu and the others bowed to was the President Baishan? Or the young man behind him?”

The coquettish woman is extremely puzzled.

After all, looking at Baishan’s appearance, she didn’t know to whom Tianlong Xu and others bowed.

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