Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 237

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Chapter 237

After hanging up Jacob’s call, Bai Suyuan held his forehead with one hand, wondering what he thought of.

Bai Nanning stepped on high heels and walked in swayingly. Bai Suyuan lazily raised his head and looked at his half-sister.

“I heard that the stock has stopped falling?” Bai Nanning walked to her desk and asked domineeringly with his hands in her arms.

Bai Suyuan straightened up and nodded towards her.

Bai Nanning’s fiery red lips made a sneer smile, “Three fires for the new official, eldest brother, you just took office, are you a bit fierce?”

Bai Suyuan looked at Bai Nanning, his eyes overflowing with coldness, “I heard that you have been struggling with Shao Zhan for several years?”

Bai Nanning’s domineering face instantly turned a little gloomy, and said angrily, “What’s up to you?”

Bai Suyuan smiled when he saw her angry, and added fuel, “You know, Major General Zhan just bought my Yunting Rumeng. Do you know why he bought my Yunting Rumeng?”

Bai Nanning was surprised, “What did Zhan Shao buy your Yunting for? Your Yunting is just a flat-floor suite with minor qualifications. Where is the real estate under the name of Zhan Shao not more high-end?”

Bai Suyuan is like a faintly angry lion playing with his prey. He tells Bai Nanning slowly, “Do you know who lives in Yunting?”

Bai Nanning’s eyes shrank and she felt that she was stepping into a trap.

“Who?” she asked angrily.

“Grace.” Bai Suyuan sighed softly, quietly admiring the enraged little lamb.

Bai Nanning was obviously hit, and her body trembled, her face pale. She said in disbelief, “Impossible. Doesn’t he hate her very much?”

Bai Suyuan said leisurely, “Emotion is the most unreliable thing in the world. Who can guarantee that you can love someone for a lifetime? Our father is the best proof.”

Bai Nanning glared at him, “Do you still hate your father for abandoning your mother and marrying my mother in your heart?”

The shadows in Bai Suyuan’s pupils waved like fascination with teeth and claws, but his gentle smile concealed his darkness. He pretended to be casual, shrugged and said, “I’m relieved. Otherwise, I won’t come back to accept Bai Enterprise.”

Bai Nanning obviously doesn’t believe it, “It’s best to do this. Brother, you have to hide your tail. If you accidentally get caught by me, you will be miserable.”

Bai Suyuan stretched out his hand and made a “please” gesture towards her, and smiled, “You can leave now.”

Bai Nanning snorted coldly and walked away.

Bai Suyuan looked at Bai Nanning’s arrogant back, his eyes gradually cold.

The mall.

Grace was sore in her waist and legs when she was walking around, so she reluctantly confirmed her new bed and bedding.

When she returned to Yunting, she thought he could lie down on the bed and take a good rest. However, when she opened the door, she saw the cold, familiar figure, and Grace almost fell to the ground in fright.

“Master Zhan, why are you here?” Grace exclaimed.

At this point in time, the children have not yet finished school, so he has no reason to be here!

Jacob raised his eyebrows lazily, “I’ll take a look at my new house, is there a problem?”

Thanks to his wise decision to buy a house, otherwise there would be no legitimate reason to prevaricate her torture.

Grace changed her shoes and walked over slowly, with a look of confusion, “What do you mean?”

Jacob then raised his eyes to look at her and wrote lightly, “Is my expression not clear enough? Or is your understanding lacking?”

Grace bit her lip, “Why did this house become yours?”

Does he mean this?

Jacob’s eyes overflowed with a slight smile, and said lightly, “Because I bought it.”

Grace’s black pupils swiftly opened up, she obviously rented Bai Suyuan’s house, how the blink of an eye has something to do with this guy.

“So from today onwards, I will be your landlord.” Jacob teased her with evil fun.

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