Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 236

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Chapter 236

Guan Xiaoxu narrowed Danfeng’s eyes, “Master, why are we all losing money in this transaction?”

Guan Xiao still knows the price of Yunting. But only a few million.

Can invest in Bai Suyuan’s film and television production, which is more than one billion assets.

Jacob’s sharp eyes shot at Guan Xiao, “Are you questioning me?”

Guan Xiao wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, “I will do it now.”

When Guan Xiao turned around, he was puzzled, and muttered in a low voice, “Isn’t it just a business that only makes a profit?”

Guan Xiao called Bai Suyuan, the original intention of President Daoming. Originally, Guan Xiao felt that Bai Suyuan must be willing to approve this transaction. But when Bai Suyuan heard the news, he immediately protested.

“What does he mean? I rented Yunting to Grace. He has an opinion?”

Guan Xiaocai suddenly realized that the president made this “stupid” decision for women.

Guan Xiao could only sigh, the beauty is misleading.

Although the president’s practice of using the country to win beautiful women is quite remarkably, but Guan Xiao’s implementation of the president’s order is absolutely unambiguous.

“If President Bai does not agree, then I am sorry to inform you that all of Media Asia’s investment in Bai’s projects will be cancelled.”

“What? Is he so? Against the whole Bai family for a woman?” Bai Suyuan shouted.

Guan Xiao burst into sweat again and again, in fact, he didn’t think it was enough.

However, the president, the unscrupulous nature of the person to achieve goals, Guan Xiao, is better understood, and he has long been tainted by the president’s ears and eyes, and a blank sheet of paper has long been black.

Guan Xiao treated Bai Suyuan with both kindness and power, “Don’t say it is to stop investing in Bai’s projects, it is possible to impose reasonable economic sanctions on you. President Bai, I advise you not to be aggressive, after all, there is no such thing as my president in this world Things, only things he doesn’t want.”

Bai Suyuan was very depressed-hung up angrily.

Guan Xiao looked at the microphone, shook his head and sighed, “You are young and vigorous, Young Master Bai, you will pay a heavy price for your youth and vigor.”

When Guan Xiao reported the result of Bai Suyuan’s refusal to the transaction to Jacob, Jacob took the blue and white porcelain tea cup in his hand and fell into meditation.

“It seems that this kid doesn’t know me very well.” He said quietly.

Guan Xiao smelled death from the president’s plain voice.

“President, after all, we and Bai are old friends who have worked together for many years…” Guan Xiao interceded for Bai, but hoped that the anger of the president would not hurt the innocent Bai.

Jacob glanced at him lightly, still a voice without temperature, “Remember, there are no eternal friends or enemies in the mall.”

In the afternoon, Bai Suyuan discovered that his family’s stock had dropped by almost the instant the market opened.

This kind of thing is unprecedented!

Bai Suyuan looked at the green stocks all the way, lost in thought.

He only offended Jacob in the morning, wouldn’t he be uninformed so soon?

When Bai Suyuan’s phone rang, he turned pale when he saw that it was from Jacob.

“Bai Suyuan, exchange Yunting’s dream house for stock daily limit, yesorno?”

A cold sweat broke out from Bai Suyuan’s back, “Really your hands and feet against the Bai family? Although I have long heard your business acumen is particularly legendary, but in such a short time, we stopped our Bai family’s stock. How did you do it? “

“Commercial secrets, I will not inform you.” Jacob said coolly, “If the deal is not completed, one sentence? Give you three seconds. If you don’t agree, tomorrow your old man will kneel on the ground and beg me, believe it or not. ?”

“Yes, I’m afraid of you. Isn’t it a house of millions? You like it, Shao Zhan. I gave it to you.”

“Remember to transfer the property in the afternoon.” Jacob reminded him very seriously.

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