Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 235

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Chapter 235

Grace stared at him in disbelief, “Are you serious?”

This guy wouldn’t think that all the buildings in the imperial capital have the seal of Media Asia!

Jacob nodded seriously.

Grace couldn’t laugh or cry, “Zhan Ye, this is Bai Suyuan’s house, I am the tenant here. And you are just my son’s daddy here to visit relatives and friends. What right do you have to remodel this house?”

Jacob looked at Grace with deep resentment, she actually said he was so good?

Grace saw his pupils darken suddenly before realizing who she was talking to.

She immediately hid the little claw, changed her strength, and squeezed a flattering smile at him.

Jacob opened the bedding and walked off the bed. The expression on Jun’s face is always ugly.

Grace was at a loss for his moodiness, so she had to lower her body to please him, “Well, if you want to redecorate this house. I have no opinion. But I hope you can ask Bai Suyuan’s consent.”

Standing in front of the washbasin, Jacob heard the accommodating voice coming from outside, and a pleasant smile filled his eyes.

After a long while, he emerged from the bathroom, his fluffy hair has been combed very stylishly, and his handsome face returned to the dignity and pride of a stranger.

He stood in front of Grace, and his smiley eyes contained calculations that were not easy to detect.

“Since you agree to renovate this house, I will make it clear to the person surnamed Bai.” The gap between him and Bai Suyuan seems to have deepened from the address.

But Bai Suyuan didn’t provoke him yesterday?

“Oh!” Grace nodded.

In fact, Grace did not think that Bai Suyuan would agree to his unreasonable request. Who bought a house like to be ruined by others?

Jacob transferred a million to Grace’s card. When Grace received the text message reminder, she was stunned.

“Zhan Ye, what do you give me money for?”

“Bed changing.” He said casually.

“One million?” What bed is so expensive? Grace couldn’t laugh or cry, “Aren’t you asking me to go to the museum to buy you a collector’s edition antique bed?”

Jacob’s sharp eyes swept over, Grace hurriedly covered her mouth.

“The rest of the money is for your labor expenses.” Jacob said.

Grace looked at the huge sum of money displayed on the phone, and estimated that even if she buys a bed of more than 100,000 yuan, she adds some money to buy a four-piece suit, at most 200,000 yuan.

Her labor fee is 800,000, is it too expensive?

After a brief breakfast, Jacob went to work at Media Asia.

Maybe it was because he didn’t sleep well last night, and the dark blue under his eyelids brought out his black mood.

“Official Xiao!”

Guan Xiao felt that when the president called his name, he was murderous.

“President, what’s your order?”

“How is our recent cooperation with Bai’s?”

Guan Xiao checked the report and said, “President, there are currently three projects that are currently working together, and a new project has not yet signed a contract. We are the investor and the person in charge of the Bai family is Bai Suyuan…”

“What project?”

“A big movie production of Huancheng Film and Television.”

Jacob’s eyes filled with Hui Wei’s smile, “Call Bai Suyuan and said that he would use his Yunting real estate in exchange for Media Asia’s investment.”

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