Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 234

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Chapter 234

“Then can I just say sorry to you after I bully you?” Jacob asked in a low voice.

Happy, this girl is so easily deceived?

Grace: “…”

“Zhan Ye, did you run into my room by yourself last night?” She was depressed.

“You mean I took the initiative to send you to the door to bully you?” Jacob evoked a melodious loneliness. Looking at her with a smile.

“Master Zhan, I didn’t mean that.” She couldn’t argue.

He got up and sat down, glanced down to see that he was still wearing a white shirt, and frowned somewhat displeased.

Grace clearly felt the terrible aura emanating from the man’s body, and suddenly noticed that his qi lag behind to erupt.

“Master Zhan, what’s the matter?” Grace asked nervously.

“Before tonight, you must change all these beddings.” He gave the order stiffly.

Grace’s gaze fell on the white bedding, which was soft and made of pure cotton and was of high comfort. The color is also the plain color he likes. She wonders where he is still dissatisfied.

“Why change?” She found it troublesome.

“I didn’t feel comfortable sleeping.” He raised his head and looked at her angrily.

“Master Zhan, this is Yunting, not Haitian.” She reminded him.

The implication is that he won’t have to live here in the future.

Jacob looked at her pupils and burst into flames. “I know.” He was angry.

Grace was stunned. Since he knew that this was not his Haitian, why did he be arrogant to her?

“You don’t have to sleep here in the future.” She gritted her teeth to remind it more clearly.

“Derek is here, I will come to accompany him often.” He said shamelessly.

Grace couldn’t refute it.

“Then what kind of quilt do you want?” Grace asked depressedly.

This person is here to find the fault! With his high standards of life, how could her little savings be able to support him?

“Whatever.” Fortunately, his conscience was not clear, and this time he didn’t intend to make things difficult for her.

Grace smacked her lips and sighed, “Well, I will go to the mall to buy new ones later.”

Jacob thought for a while, and began to be a demon again, “Change the bed at the same time.”

Is it tolerable or unbearable!

Grace exploded her hair, glared at Jacob with her hands on her hips, and her chest trembled with anger one after another.

Jacob looked at her innocently, “What’s the matter?”

“Not enough money? I’ll give it to you.”

It is simply not immortal.

Grace’s anger was defeated under his innocent face of humans and animals, well, because of this guy’s handsome appearance, she changed.

She turned around and walked outside, saying, “You call the kindergarten to confirm the safety of the children. I’ll go to the mall!”

Jacob looked at her thin back, “Come back.”

Grace turned her head, “What’s wrong?”

“Can you do it alone?”

Being despised by him, the core of Grace’s female Hanzhi began to glow, “Isn’t it just changing a bed? You just want to change this room, and I can do what you want.”

Jacob glanced at this room. Although it was small, it was very warm.

And last night he and Grace shared the same bed, which made him feel particularly happy.

“Since you are so capable, do you want to redecorate here?”

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