Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 233

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Chapter 233

After all, Grace couldn’t resist the intense sleepiness, and she slowly fell asleep at some point.

Hearing the sound of her even breathing, Jacob opened his bright black pupils.

Leaning sideways and looking at her sleeping face quietly, although her face has changed, her expression is still extremely clingy.

Perhaps it was because her appearance changed that when she relentlessly married him seven years ago, he had never looked at her directly, let alone understood her carefully.

So that they missed so many years of precious time.

And she, after being wounded all over by him, also learned to hide her thoughts.

He reached out his hand and gently stroked her face.

Never thought that the girl he hurt the most would be his favorite girl.

He hugged her into his arms, holding her, his heart of years of loneliness seemed to be filled. Full of happiness came.

There is her, there are children, too.

If the only regret is the man she remarried, and the daughter who does not belong to him.

As long as Jacob thinks of that man, his heart aches.

After all, he didn’t cherish her well seven years ago. God deliberately punished him, right?

The next day, it was bright.

Grace was still in a daze, feeling that she was lying in a warm embrace, and was suddenly awakened.

Opening the black glaze pupils, what was greeted by Jacob’s enchanting and handsome face was fascinating.

Grace was very frightened, she gently removed her arm, and the long legs resting on her were gently taken off by her. Grace got up, almost crawling out of the room.

On the coffee table, there are message notes written by the children. Looking at the handwriting, it should be Derek’s undoubtedly. However, there are signatures of Jason and Faith at the end.

The message board says:

Mommy Daddy:

Did you sleep well last night? Jas said, Daddy is terribly angry about getting up, and we dare not bother you rashly. So, we decided to go to school on our own, besides, we have already settled for breakfast. Do not worry.

I wish Daddy and Mommy have a good dream!

Grace raised her eyes and glanced at the alarm clock on the wall. It was ten o’clock and she didn’t know if the children arrived safely in the kindergarten.

Grace was anxious, although Derek was very independent, but after all they had just moved to a new home, and Derek was not familiar with the route from Yunting to Haitian, what if he was lost.

Grace felt more worried as she wanted to call the kindergarten, but the phone was still in the master bedroom.

She pushed open the door of the master bedroom nervously. Jacob tossed and couldn’t sleep last night, and was sleeping soundly now.

Grace tiptoed over, opened the drawer of the bedside table and took out the phone.

Such a small movement awakened Jacob.

Grace looked at Jacob who suddenly opened his eyes, and his heart beat violently at that moment.

She hadn’t seen how terrible Jacob’s getting up was before, but she had heard of it.

It is said that none of the creatures who come to the house can escape.

Grace shrank into a ball, can you pretend not to see her?

He suddenly stretched out his hand to her, how dare Grace hand it to him, what if he twisted her hand?

“Huh?” She didn’t respond to him for a long time, and his throat overflowed with dissatisfaction.

Grace courageously handed him her hand, closing her eyes and daring not to see the next scene, just die.

But as soon as he tried hard, she fell into his arms.

“You kissed, hugged and hugged me last night, do you have to give me an explanation?”

Grace stared at him in a daze, “Is there?”

She didn’t remember at all.

“It’s true that I was a little dishonest when I slept. But if I really do something I shouldn’t do to you, I sincerely say sorry to you.”

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