Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 232

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Chapter 232

If Jacob and Jas stayed, the three rooms would seem a bit crowded.

Jacob is about 1.8 meters tall, he is definitely not willing to sleep in the children’s room.

“No.” Grace refused decisively, “There is no place where you can sleep.”

Jason stood up and said softly to Mommy, “Mommy, Daddy can squeeze a bed with me.”

Grace looked at Lord Jacob in disbelief and nodded.

Grace was still uneasy, always feeling that she had planted a bomb next to her.

That night, Derek got into the quiet room. The two children were playing with new toys enthusiastically in the bedroom. They did not fall asleep on the bed until they fell asleep.

And Faith slept in the room originally prepared for Derek.

Night, everything is silent!

Grace was lying on the bed and suddenly heard the door creaking, thinking which child was coming back. Who knows the next moment, Jacob opened her quilt and lay beside her.

Grace sat up in shock, “Warlord?”

“The children’s bed is too small, my legs can’t straighten out, and I can’t sleep.” Jacob complained deeply.

Grace panicked, “Can’t Lord Zhan just stay overnight?”

In front of her innocence, what was his grievance?

“No.” He said with the child.

“Master Zhan, can you consider my innocence and my reputation?” Grace tried to reason him.

He looked at Grace, his pupils exuding a cold glow in the dark night. It’s like the bright star hanging in the night sky in the dark.

“The baby was born to me. Are you still innocent?” He pulled her down and lay down beside her.

Grace moved restlessly…

His long legs suddenly pressed against her, “Don’t move. It will affect my sleep.”

Grace lay there motionless like a puppet.

Only hope that Jacob can go to bed earlier, so that her tension can be reduced.

However, Grace couldn’t help it because he didn’t hear Jacob’s snoring for a long time. Asked timidly, “Zhan Ye, don’t you…have always hated women touching you?”

Jacob urn replied angrily, “Yes.”

I hate women touching me, but don’t hate her touching me.

Grace raised her leg, “Then what is going on with Master Zhan?”

Jacob said, “Oh, can’t you tell, I’m working hard to make myself not hate you!”

Grace said, “Have you been taken away by someone?”

Seize the house?

She actually knows about Seizing House?

Jacob opened his piercing pupils and sat up. “What does it mean to seize the house?”

He looked into her eyes for a moment.

The light in the room is very dark, but he can accurately capture the emotions in her eyes.

After a long time, Grace said softly, “Oh, it’s the soul transfer. But these are all stories in the fantasy book. I can’t believe it.”

She said it lightly, but the stormy sea was already in her heart.

In the dark, his eyes burst into ecstasy.

Irene. Sure enough, you are back.

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