Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 231

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Chapter 231

When he returned home, after Jacob put down the four bags of goods, he immediately took out the fingerprint lock he bought. Then he got a tool to turn off the original brass lock.

Grace was stunned and hurriedly stopped and said, “Zhan Ye, this is Bai Suyuan’s house, you can’t damage his things?”

Jacob did not stop the movement in his hand at all, but he said in a polite manner, “Brass locks are not safe with fingerprint locks.”

Grace laughed nonsense, “Where is the copper lock insecure?”

Jacob stared at her silently, and then uttered a few words, “The landlord is not safe.”

Grace laughed blankly.

She thought that he was worried about his son’s safety, and made him a little funny, “Have you ever seen a gentleman and rich human trafficker like Shao Bai?”

With a black face, Jacob threw the tool in his hand to the ground, staring at her dissatisfiedly, “Then have you seen me such a handsome, charming and wealthy human trafficker?”


He still remembered how she instigated her child to call another trafficker?

Jacob looked at the embarrassed Grace, and said, “Bai Suyuan wears a piece of sheepskin, you think he is gentle and elegant. The more this kind of pig-like man feels darker in his heart, you should be careful of him.”

Grace became more and more awkward when she heard it, “Are you worried that he will not treat me well?”

After saying this, Grace’s ears became red inexplicably. Don’t be passionate about him, maybe his expression is ambiguous.

Jacob picked up the manual on the ground and handed it to her, “Read it to me.”

Grace was very depressed, “Aren’t you literate?”

“Since you know that I am thinking about your safety, shouldn’t it be right to assist me in installing the lock?”

Grace couldn’t laugh or cry, “It’s an extra effort.”

But inexplicably joyous in his heart, he would care about her safety, did the sun come out from the west?

She read the contents of the manual word by word, while he was stuffed with locks.

When she was about to read it, she took off the manual, only to find that the lock was installed. He looked at her steadily, and there was such a damn tenderness in his eyes.

Grace felt that she was electrocuted by his gentle gaze, and her body was hot.

“So you can install this lock. Then what do you want me to read?”

Jacob asked with a smile, “Why does your Mandarin have a Yancheng tone?”

Grace opened her starry eyes, “Are you listening to my Mandarin or what I read?”

Jacob hooked his lips happily, naturally listening to her Mandarin.

The words are round and round, but the pronunciation of some special words reveals the characteristics of Irene.

He picked up the brass lock on the ground and threw it into the trash can without mercy.

Grace was very mad, “War Lord, you don’t need to spend money like this if you have money? That brass lock is still 90% new. And it is a big brand lock, very valuable!”

Jacob took off his coat and said nonchalantly, “Bai Suyuan, a small-fashioned man who is willing to spend money to buy a good lock? Look at the accommodation he provides you. Obviously, the emperor has better real estate, but he will give you the least The striking big flat layer.”

Grace determined that Jacob and Bai Suyuan might have a grudge. Otherwise, his high-cold character, who has never made irresponsible remarks, would not seize the opportunity to trample on Bai Suyuan.

It’s as if someone borrowed her rice and paid her back the chaff.

Grace felt that it was necessary to advocate justice for Bai Suyuan, “No matter how small it is, it is better than someone. A single room provided by someone has to charge high rent.”

Jacob handed Grace a death gaze, how dare she help outsiders to run her?

Grace curbed her talented arrogance and quickly changed the subject, “It’s getting late. How do you go back, Lord Zhan?”

Jacob smiled shamelessly, “I will sleep here tonight.”

Grace was a little panicked. Although this is a large flat with four sets, only three rooms have beds and the other is a study room.

Of the three bedrooms, two of them are still narrow children’s beds.

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