Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 230

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Chapter 230

The boss seriously promoted the various locks he bought. Grace smiled and said, “Boss, you can give him the most expensive one.”

The boss removed the most expensive fingerprint lock, and Grace put it in the cart.

When leaving the hardware store, Jacob told her, “I used to have the habit of buying the most expensive things. But a silly girl told me that the most expensive is not necessarily the best, because she persevered in nagging my ears. , I changed this habit. Now I buy the most suitable, not the most expensive.”

Grace dumbfounded…

“Would you like to change it?” She was extremely embarrassed.

He has a silly attitude, “Trouble.”

Grace pouted, “Your silly girl is actually right. Although you have money, you don’t need to be taken as a fool. I don’t think she is stupid, but you are stupid.”

She sighed for herself, smiling like a flower.

Jacob watched her smile openly after getting a little bargain, and there was a soft warmth in his heart.

She is happy, he is happy.

An old woman walked over unsteadily, and Jacob quickly stretched out his hand to move the cart to the side.

After the old woman passed by them, Jacob’s hand did not leave the cart, but pushed the cart with her to the fresh place.

The dazzling array of fresh produce is really something that Grace can’t do for someone with selective entanglement.

In contrast, Jacob chose very quickly.

He remembers everything she likes to eat. When he met, he threw it away in the cart without hesitation.

Grace looked at the goods in the cart. Are they all her favorite categories?


She also has to take care of the appetites of the three children. Since becoming a mom, she has almost forgotten her tastes.

Every time it will be a child.

“Master Zhan, Derek and Faith don’t like these things.” She reminded Jacob. Bend over and took out all the food she liked.

Jacob watched her throw out those ingredients without hesitation, and an inexplicable sourness surged in his heart.

She has always been a good girl who thinks about others. She used to be for him, but now she is a child. When did she think about herself?

When the cart was filled with children’s things, Grace burst into a harvest smile.

Jacob looked at her innocently and smiled, and his painful mood was slightly relieved.

Fortunately, she is still that innocent girl.

He didn’t blame others because of the hardships of life. This is God’s greatest mercy to him.

In the future, he will protect her until she is old.

He pushed the full cart and walked to the payment window.

Grace followed him with empty hands, tilted her head and wondered: Since when did Jacob become so graceful?

When Jacob paid, Grace hurried up and swiftly packed the goods into four pockets.

Then carrying four heavy pockets and going out.

“Let go.” Jacob’s cold voice came.

What did she do wrong again?

She looked at him sullenly, but he rudely snatched all the pockets in her hand, and did not forget to spit at her, “You are as high as a pocket. Did you carry it or did it mention you?”

Grace was so angry that she just wanted to raise her fist and hit someone.

“Where am I short? I am still fair and beautiful with long legs. How can you compare me to a pocket?”

He grinned, “You don’t look much uncoordinated when you hold them anyway.”

Grace looked at him, and she had to admit that she was stalwart, high in elevation, and still graceful while carrying her pockets.

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