Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 199

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Chapter 199

Not only that!

Tianlong Xu actually called him “old man”, is this so…

He is not as old as Tianlong Xu, how can he afford the respectful name of the other party.

And at the moment!

Tianlong Xu’s face turned straight, and he said solemnly:

“Because Li Zhenghui spoke harshly to you, Tianlong Group has held a press conference to remove Li Zhenghui from the group!”

“Besides, after he learned of your identity, he had completely mad and has been sent to a mental hospital!”


Tianlong Xu’s words not only shocked Baishan, even Yang Jinshui next to him was also shocked.

Li Zhenghui!

The second in command of the Tianlong Group, the super boss of Megatron Jiang City.

This kind of character was expelled from the group because of his rude words to Baishan, and even he got upset and sent to a mental hospital.

No… impossible!

Yang Jinshui’s complexion was as pale as paper, his body was trembling, and his scalp was even more numb.


What kind of horrible existence did he provoked.

However, the shock has just begun.

Yang Jinshui was stunned to see that Tianlong Xu and the dozens of other big man infront of him, at this moment, looked at Shaun’s direction deeply, and then all bowed again:

“We request the BOSS not to close the Tianlong Group!”

“Please BOSS give me and all the directors a chance, said Tianlong Xu. We guarantee that there will never be another mishappening with you in future!”


The scene where dozens of big men bowed deeply for the second time, Tianlong Xu’s panicked voice, like a bomb, made Yang Jinshui and Baishan stunned.


If it had been the first time he heard this name, Yang Jinshui could still think it was an illusion, but now, he can be sure that Baishan or Shaun are definitely the big boss behind the Tianlong Group!

Baishan was equally surprised.

When did you become a boss?

Why don’t I know?

The corners of Bai Shan’s mouth twitched slightly, and he couldn’t help turning his head to look at Shaun:

“Shaun, is this something to do with you?”


Bai Shan is not stupid. The first thing he thought of was his son-in-law Shaun.

However, Shaun smiled slightly and shook his head:

“Dad, Li Zhenghui misbehaved with you, it has nothing to do with me! you are the one they asked!”

“If you say it’s off, then it’s off! If you forgive them, then it will not! You decide!”

Shaun’s words were ambiguous.

There is no admission, and no denial.

But Tianlong Xu and others obviously hear that Shaun handed over the fate of Tianlong Group to Baishan.

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