Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 229

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Chapter 229

Jacob loosened his chin, as if entering the door of his own house, walked to the sofa and sat down.

Grace wondered, what is this guy doing?

“Jas is hungry.” Jacob looked at her and said.

Grace: “…”

“Then why don’t you cook for him?” Grace asked rhetorically.

Obviously he can do it!

“He is used to your Chinese food, and he doesn’t eat my Western food anymore,” he said.

Jason: “…”

Wrong, I actually like Chinese and Western food, as long as Daddy and Mommy make it!

Grace looked at Jas, and there was a touch of softness in his eyes. “Jas, Mommy will do it for you right away.”

“Daddy didn’t eat it!” Jason looked at Mommy blankly, begging, “Mummy, can you cook a bowl for Daddy by the way?”

Grace looked at Jue Zhan Han, and when she saw that he was paying the rent, she was generous. “No problem.”

Only when she walked into the kitchen did she find that the ingredients were not filled just after moving. There is only noodles in the refrigerator and salt in the seasoning jar.

Grace had to put down a few bowls of noodles in clear soup, and when they brought them out, she was afraid that Jacob would dislike it, and hesitated.

However, Jacob and the children gave him a lot of face, and they ate the noodles upright.

“Anything else?” Jacob raised his head and asked her.

Grace shook her head, “The only ingredient in the refrigerator.”

Jacob put down his dishes and stood up. “I’m going to buy ingredients, you accompany me.”

Grace looked at him blankly, “No, I can buy it for you.”

Why do you think this guy has been taken away?

Although she still had cold eyes, she clearly noticed that the disgust towards her in his eyes had disappeared somehow.

As soon as Grace gave birth to a secret joy, she was interrupted mercilessly by another voice. “Do you remember how much he despised you once? Do you still want to fly moths to the fire again?”

Derek pushed Mommy to Jacob, “Mommy, go to the supermarket with Daddy. Daddy is a man and can help you carry many things.”

Grace glanced at Jacob contemptuously, and said softly, “Capitalists can only squeeze other people’s labor, how can they know how to pity and cherish jade.”

Jacob: “…”

Well, he used actual actions to prove to her that some capitalists not only know how to pity and cherish jade, but also know how to steal incense and steal jade.

Jason was in a hurry and immediately said, “Daddy, buy me a programming robot. Oh, and Lego…”

Jacob opened his eyes and smiled.

The son is really his powerful assist.

Because Jason said many toy names in a row, Grace expected that she would not be able to move back alone, so he accepted Jacob’s proposal to go with him.

“Then you three, be good at home.”

When she mentioned “home”, Jacob gave her a fierce look.

Grace remembered his paranoia and immediately changed her words, “Also, don’t mess up the things in Uncle Bai’s house.”

“I see, Mommy. Go and come back soon.” Derek waved at them.

Grace and Jacob walked out of the room one after another. Jacob stood at the anti-theft door and paused for a while, his eyes fell on the lock, and the eagle pupil shot a dangerous light.

The supermarket is in the community, and the three-story supermarket has everything.

Grace pushed the cart at the entrance, and Jacob followed her empty-handed.

Grace walked straight to the fresh food place on the first floor, but Jacob suddenly took her and walked to the hardware shop next to the entrance.

“Boss, please give me a fingerprint lock!”

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