Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 228

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Chapter 228

Bai Suyuan turned the front of the car and drove into the nearby Yunting Rumeng real estate.

“This is the closest to the sea and the sky.”

Grace couldn’t remember how many times this was the move in seven years. Every time she moves, she feels sad, heart is like duckweed, and she has no fixed home.

Looking at Yunting like a dream, she secretly made up her mind that she must save enough money to buy her own house.

Derek and Faith are very well-behaved, they help Mommy share some things within their ability.

Bai Suyuan took Grace to his new residence. Although it was not as luxurious as Jacob’s villa, this large four-story flat was also very luxurious for Grace.

“Shao Bai, thank you.” Grace said gratefully.

Bai Suyuan smiled and said, “The war master gave me a rent of one million, so you can rest assured!”

After Bai Suyuan settled down with Grace, he hurriedly left because he answered the phone.

Grace hurriedly stopped him, and said with a look of shame, “Young Master Bai, I want to find a job. I wonder if Young Master Bai can recommend me?”

Bai Suyuan smiled, “It’s a trivial matter, wait for my call.”

Grace nodded, looking at Bai Suyuan’s leaving back, Grace’s eyes deepened.

With her ability, finding a job is not easy. But it was extremely difficult to enter the Bai family.

Only by hitting the bridge of Bai Suyuan can one hope to enter the Bai family.

In the evening, Jacob and Derek were sitting on the sofa in the living room, with a bloody love story on the TV.

“Daddy, don’t you really hate this kind of plot that is always boring?” Jason said boredly.

Daddy never watched TV, but he robbed him of the TV channel tonight.

“Recently, I discovered that I can learn a lot from the male lead. So it’s not that annoying.” Jacob said meaningfully.

As the father and son were discussing, the male and female protagonists on the TV screen began to k!ss passionately.

Jacob stretched out his hand to cover Jason’s eyes, “Youth-child-not-advisable.”

Jason is speechless…

Now that you know that children are not suitable, why not change the channel!

“Jas, do you think about Derek?” Jacob asked suddenly.

After a long time of separation, he really didn’t miss Derek in particular.

Jason shook his head honestly.

“Call Derek and say you miss him.” Jacob’s tone was like an irresistible order from his boss to his subordinates.

Jason was a little aggrieved, “Daddy, you obviously want Derek.”

Jacob was slightly startled, he was thinking of Derek’s mother.

Jason confessed his fate and took out his phone watch and called Derek.

Derek received a call from Jason.

“Derek, Daddy and I thought about seeing you, so share the address.”

Derek shared the address without saying a word.

Before long, the doorbell rang.

Grace opened the door and saw Jacob as if she saw a ghost.

Thought that after leaving Haitian, it would be difficult for her to go to the sky. Unexpectedly, for a long time, she would not invite him?

“Why, I’m not welcome to Jas?” Jacob changed into a casual windbreaker, without the abstinence (desire) temperament of a suit, and seemed much more approachable.

Grace hurriedly turned sideways and gave Jacob a blank look, “This is also Jas’s home. How could I not welcome him?”

Jacob pinched her chin and seriously corrected, “This is Bai Suyuan’s home. It’s not yours.”

Grace was speechless.

She only knows that he has a paranoid personality and has a horny hobby for things like cleanliness. Unexpectedly, he is now paranoid to the point where such trivial things are all right.

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