Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 198

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Chapter 198

Tianlong Xu with others came infront of Baishan and Shaun.


Everyone bowed together:

“Tianlong Xu of the Tianlong Group, I have met the boss!”

“Tianlong Group Ma Yongsheng, met the boss!”


One after another fanatical and respectful voices sounded here.

The squeezing bosses bowed in honour together. This scene was extremely spectacular.


When the voice of the last big boss came out, the whole road seemed to fall into deathly silence.

Yang Jinshui, Baishan, the enchanting woman, and the migrant workers around them were all shocked.

What do they see!

Tianlong Xu and other group leaders, bowing!

Calling ‘BOSS’ to someone!


What made Yang Jinshui and the enchanting woman fainting was that these all bosses are bowing infront of dozens of Baishan and Shaun.


Yang Jinshui’s face got pale as paper, his legs are trembling, and he got so scared that he fell on the ground.


Suddenly, Yang Jinshui sank to the ground.

He is not believing his eyes.

They are Tianlong Xu and other bosses of Tianlong Group!

And actually bowed to Baishan and Shaun together, calling them ‘BOSS’ feverishly!

This is so unbelievable… how is this possible!



Big beads of sweat continued to fall from Yang Jinshui’s forehead, and he had a foreboding in his heart.

And at the moment!

Bai Shan was also in shock, because Tianlong Xu and the others were actually bowing towards them, how this is possible!

“Dad! What did they call you?” Shaun smiled slightly, and said to Baishan with a playful look.

This sentence caused Baishan Ji Lingling to wake up, and he quickly panicked and said to Tianlong Xu and the others:

“Xu…Xu Dong, what are you doing? I, I, can’t afford it, don’t do that!”

Bai Shan was in a mess, his face panicked.

And Tianlong Xu and others, after hearing Shaun’s words, understood what the he meant.

Shaun didn’t want to reveal his identity.

“President Bai, this is the case. We are here because we heard that at Li Zhenghui’s birthday party, he actually said rude words to old man, so we all the Tianlong directors are here to apologize in person!”

Tianlong Xu’s attitude is respectful and humble.

And this sentence made Baishan more shocked.

It turns out that they really came here for them?

But, how can he make troubles for a big man like Tianlong Xu?

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