Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 227

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Chapter 227

When Grace walked out of the Zhan’s house with a suitcase, three adorable treasures stood side by side in front of her.

“Mummy, I don’t want you to go.” Jason ran over and hugged Grace tightly.

Derek and Faith walked over and held Mommy’s hand.

Grace knelt down, holding Jason’s face in both hands, gently comforting. “Jas, after Mommy moves to a new home, you and Daddy can visit Mommy often. Okay?”

Jason’s face was silent, his eyes cast on Jacob.

Jacob nodded.

He will disturb her every day.

When Grace took Faith and Derek out, he was confused.

Originally thought Jacob would do everything possible to stop her from taking Derek away, but he didn’t expect that he would let her take Derek away without any hindrance?

This is definitely not his style!

Bai Suyuan’s car was parked at the door of the villa, the trunk was already opened, and when Grace was about to lift the heavy luggage and put it in the trunk, Jacob’s hand stretched out.

“I’m coming.” He lifted the suitcase and put it in the trunk.

Grace was stunned. A man like Jacob who never pityed girls had also learned to be a gentleman?

She also thought that the lonely character would accompany him to the end of his life.

After Jacob placed his luggage, he walked gracefully in front of Bai Suyuan. “Which of your real estate is going to donate Shao Bai to Grace?”

“The real estate in our metropolitan area is up to her to choose.” Bai Suyuan smiled.

Jacob took out his cell phone and sent a million cash to Bai Suyuan’s account. After Bai Suyuan received the account information, he looked at Jacob in astonishment.

“What do you mean?”

“Rent.” Jacob said.

The woman belonged to the Jacob, and the son belonged to the Jacob. The swearing of sovereignty by Jacob could be obvious to all obvious fools.

Bai Suyuan couldn’t laugh or cry, “Grace is a good friend of mine, and I am willing to provide her with my house for free——”

“No need!” Jacob resolutely refused.

Then stretched out his hand, “Give me the key.”

Bai Suyuan was confused, “Young Master Zhan, you are not the one who rented my house, right?”

“It’s my son. I will visit my family Derek when I have time. Do you have any comments?”

Bai Suyuan reluctantly took the key down and handed it to him. Not afraid of death, he ridiculed, “Young Master Zhan, fortunately I know that you have no feelings for Grace. Otherwise, just your performance today, I have to misunderstand that you have no feelings for her!”

Jacob put the key in his trouser pocket and turned to look at Grace, “Take care of yourself.”

Grace was dazed…

Is Jacob too abnormal?

Grace stuffed Derek and Faith into the car, and she looked at Jason reluctantly.

Jacob led Jason, looking at her continuously.

“If you can’t bear to succumb, then stay.” He teased.

Grace got into the car and slid the window.

Bai Suyuan stepped on the accelerator and whizzed away.

Jacob watched the sports car go away from the dust, the violence in his eyes rose, it was the darkness with the destruction of the world.

Bai Suyuan robbed him of women, seeking his own death.

When Jacob’s figure slowly disappeared from sight, Grace’s heart was hollowed out a little bit.

“Young Master Bai, is there a house near here?” Grace asked.

Bai Suyuan said, “Don’t tell me that you still have no feelings for him?”

Grace felt sour in her heart. She didn’t have any lingering feelings for him, but the love cherished in her heart, like a fine wine, growing stronger.

“The child is still in Haitian Kindergarten!” She made an excuse indiscriminately.

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