Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 197

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Chapter 197

Hearing this, Yang Jinshui got stunned. He didn’t expect that this little bastard knew his identity and he is so relax.

“Yes! Just wait, I have called someone, and my people will be here soon!”

Yang Jinshui’s face was full of fierceness!

It’s just that he just finished speaking!


Then they saw some twenty to thirty cars driving towards this place one after another!


Particularly, all these cars turned out to be Rolls-Royce.

Seeing this scene, everyone around there got stunned.

What is such a big show all about?


One after another Rolls Royce stopped on the roadside in front of them, and then drivers hurriedly got out of the cars and opened the back seat doors one after another.

Then, in the shocking sight of Yang Jinshui and Baishan!


Dozens of middle-aged men in suits and shoes walked out of the Rolls Royces.

“This is… Tianlong Xu!”

Yang Jinshui got startled when he saw the burly middle-aged man stepping out of the Rolls Royce.

Tianlong Xu, chairman of Tianlong Group, is one of the top bosses in Jiangshi.

Yang Jinshui is just like a little guy in front of Tianlong Xu, and he is not qualified to talk to Tianlong Xu even during an ordinary party.

What makes Yang Jinshui unbelievable is how could Tianlong Xu appear here!

It’s more than that!

“There is also the third in command of Tianlong Group-Director Ma!”

“That’s Director Liu of Tianlong Group!”



Yang Jinshui was shocked to see that all the middle-aged people who had stepped out of the cars were all big figures of the Tianlong Group.

Except the second in command, Li Zhenghui, who was removed, almost all the other directors are here!

“What…what’s going on?”

Sweat is constantly flowing from Yang Jinshui forehead.

To know!

Among these big personalities, everyone of them is stronger than him.

And these characters unexpectedly appeared together, this is simply a big event that can cause a sensation in the entire Jiangcheng.

Not only Yang Jinshui, Baishan next to him was also stunned to see them all together.

It was also the first time that he saw so many big men of the Tianlong Group, especially Tianlong Xu.


Things that made Baishan even more daunting appeared!

He saw that all these Tianlong Group leaders, after getting out of the cars, they all rushed into a row.

Then they came towards them with nervousness on their faces.

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