Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 200

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Chapter 200

Just a word from Baishan can determine the future of Tianlong Group.

Thought of this!

Tianlong Xu quickly continued:

“Mr. Baishan, please rest assured that Tianlong Group will immediately prepare for in-depth cooperation with Bai Group. Whether it is pure investment or co-branding, we will corporate!”

“In addition, all sales channels of our Tianlong Group are open for Bai Group, and the channel fees are exempted!”


Tianlong Xu’s words made Bai Shan more stunned.

To know!

The reason why he participated in Li Zhenghui’s birthday party today was to curry favor with Li Zhenghui so that he could spend huge sums of money to obtain the sales channels of Tianlong Group.

In addition, you have to pay extremely high channel fees.

And now…

As Tianlong Xu said, not only the Tianlong Group’s channels are open to the Bai Group, but the channel fees are even exempted.

This is simply a pie in the sky.

“Xu Dong, you are so polite. How can I shut down Tianlong Group! This is absolutely impossible!”

Bai Shan was ecstatic and said to Tianlong Xu and the others with excitement on his face.

And this sentence made Tianlong Xu and the other big men behind him breathe a sigh of relief.


This can be regarded as successfully saving their jobs.

Thought of this!

Tianlong Xu said with happiness on his face:

“Thank you Mr. Baishan! Thank you very much!”

“Where are you two going now? Let’s see you off!”

Tianlong Xu and many Tianlong bosses were extremely polite to Baishan at this moment, as if they were welcoming their big boss, the God of Wealth.

Just hearing this!

The corners of Shaun’s mouth curled slightly:

“You people go? We are here for a while!”

That’s it!

Shaun’s eyes turned, staring straight at Yang Jinshui on the ground next to him, a touch of coldness appeared at the corner of his mouth.


Tianlong Xu and the others were also slightly startled. They followed Shaun’s gaze, only to find that a man and a woman were still sitting on the ground next to them.

“Yang Jinshui?”

At this time, several directors of Tianlong recognized Yang Jinshui, especially when they noticed Shaun’s sullen and cold eyes, they immediately became extremely angry:

“A**hole! Yang Jinshui, are you looking for death? You dared to provoke our boss!”

“Yes! Does Shanda Group want to die? If so, we will fulfill your wish immediately!”


Hearing this, Yang Jinshui got completely scared to pee.


At this moment, he suddenly knelt in front of Baishan and Shaun, knocked his head.

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