Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 238

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Chapter 238

“What do you want?” Grace asked tremblingly.

She wanted to know why he took pains to buy this house, why?

Jacob was asked by her, what can he do to her as the landlord? Not expecting her to live comfortably.

“I don’t want to.” He said.

Grace Zhang Er couldn’t figure it out. This guy is used to doing things with a clear purpose and will never make venture capital. What is his purpose for buying this house?

Jacob frowned as he looked at the slightly tired woman.

“Where have you been?” The voice was cold.

Grace didn’t have a good air, “Didn’t you go to choose a new bed for your deity?”

Jacob was startled slightly, “Did you go to the physical store?”

He hates that iron is not a steel track, “Why not shop online?”

Grace collapsed on the sofa in exhaustion, raising her feet in large slippers and shaking gently.


“I’m afraid that you will be unsatisfied with the purchase and you will find fault.” She closed her eyes and looked very tired.

Jacob: “…”

In fact, as long as it wasn’t something Bai Suyuan had used, no matter what style she bought back, he would not care.

He likes it.

“Isn’t it just a bed? I’m not so picky.” He said.

However, when Tongcheng Express delivered the antique canopy bed bought by Grace to Yunting, especially when it took the master two full hours to install a shelf leg, Jacob regretted what he had just said.

“What kind of bed is this?” He frowned as he looked at the antique canopy bed with superb carving techniques, especially the bright red color.

Grace felt the pressure on her body lower and immediately stood far away from him.

“Master Zhan, this is an antique canopy bed.” She whispered.

“I know. I ask you what is the fancy pattern carved on it?”

Grace was afraid to answer.

The installation master replied, “This is a map of hundreds of children and thousands of grandchildren.”

The coercion of Jacob’s body suddenly diminished inexplicably. “A hundred sons and thousands of grandchildren?” He looked at Grace narrowly, “Really?”

He grinned.

Grace shrank like a quail, and said timidly, “Only this bed in the mall is the most expensive, so I bought it.”

Jacob: “…”

He gave her money and didn’t expect her to spend all of it on commodities. Could this girl be a little bit more powerful and vain, and learn to plan for herself?

“It’s silly.” He spit out two words coolly.

Grace obviously misunderstood his meaning again. She thought he was dissatisfied with this bed, so she immediately took out the spirit of selling the gold medal, and plausibly promoted it for him, “Warlord, this bed is strong and beautiful. The key is Hanging mosquito nets is particularly convenient. It is more environmentally friendly without using mosquito repellent, and…With three-sided screens, there is a 75% probability that you will not fall out of bed…”

When Jacob heard his brain hurt, he turned his head back and said coldly, “These are not important. What’s important is that the picture of a hundred descendants has a good meaning.”

Grace: “…”

So this guy accepted this bed?

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